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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Sweety Blanket of Roses

Along with my little bag of long lost treasures, I found another bag of missing items.
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These, along with the full skeins of Bernat Sweety yarn that was featured in one of my stash-flashin' pics, were part of an afghan kit I'd bought eons ago. I was mistaken when I stated earlier that I had discovered I'd made 5 full motifs for this project, it was only 3 and one nearly completed, plus one started. Whatever... But what I do remember is that I was highly intimidated by the mohair yarn and still very inexperienced with working with anything beyond basic acrylic yarn. I also remember receiving some rather negative comments from a couple of folks relating both to the difficulty of working with the mohair yarn AND the fact that these kits usually come with exactly enough to complete them, and no more, so I'd better be careful not to make any mistakes that would cause me to use more than the "just enough required" amount! It wasn't long after receiving these negative comments and taking them to heart that I found I had to frog some of my work, and discovered just how difficult it can be with mohair (especially when you are inexperienced at it). That was enough to cause me to pack this project away, where it has languished all these years!

I go into the details of this in order to illustrate this request I now make to all folks who crochet (and knit, too): Please please please think about what you are saying when you make a negative comment of this type to somebody! Because someone thoughtlessly made a statement (to the effect of "I'd never work with that yarn, it's too hard!"), it scared me away from a project I'd really wanted to do, for YEARS! When you make statements like these, you just may be discouraging someone else from trying something new - not to mention how you may be limiting
yourself! This is something I run into quite often, especially among crafters of the older set. I know how scary it can sometimes feel to try some of these fancier, newer yarns and find yourself feeling like you'd never held a hook in your life as you struggle to work with an unfamiliar medium, but it isn't impossible to do if only you'll give it a serious try. Try not to discourage yourself - and others - from even trying by going into it with that negative ("I could never do this") mindset! I know I was terrified to try working with the Homespun when I first discovered it, but I persevered because the yarn was just so beautiful that I determined I would master it, and boy am I glad I did! It widened my crocheting horizons like nothing else, and now I'm willing to tackle any kind of yarn that comes my way that I like.

And sometime soon, I will pick this lovely afghan project back up and finish it this time! Pics will be posted when I do!


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