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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Time for a small rant...

I wonder sometimes why I tend to get so behind on everything, but then I look at how much time I spend between page-clicks when online waiting for the infernal "resolving host" to, well... resolve itself! Lately it's really been bad! Every blessed page I try to click to starts out with this "resolving host" message and a verrrrrrry looooooong delay. I get so tired of waiting for my page to show up that I go off to do other things while I'm waiting, forget entirely what I was doing or was heading over to look at, and almost have to start all over again! This so-called "internet service" I'm hooked up to sucks a HUGE lemon! Worst of all, I've been paying a premium dollar to have a "faster" service and I really haven't seen it at all! And I just have not had the time or the patience to go through their horrid "customer service" ritual in order to try to get it, uh, resolved...

I have loads of stuff to share, much of it was stuff I'd tried to get ready and posted over the course of this past insane week, so as usual, I will be doing a mass data dump on the blog today in a frantic effort to catch up! As usual, I have far too many things on my "to-do" list for this weekend to ever have a hope of getting them all done in this short 3 days! It will be a miracle if I can get even half of them done, especially as I am not in the mood to race around for the entire time, I'm just too beat from the past week to do that. But I'm gonna try.

I owe many friends emails - sorry for my silence gals, I've just been so swamped with deadline stuff and had to stay focused on getting those things done first. I will be trying hard to get caught up over the weekend, in between working on my "to-do" list projects. And, although I'm still somewhat hit or miss (or feast-or-famine, as the case may be) with keeping up with this blog, if you're wondering what I'm up to, this is probably the best place to come to find out if you haven't heard from me in awhile! I truly wish I could do everything I want to, but there's just too much, and not enough time to fit it all in, and I'm supposed to be cutting down on my stress to begin with, not adding to it! Gotta try to find that happy compromise somehow.

Okay, let's see how many pics I can get posted here before getting to tackling that list...


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