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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Wild and Wooly - it's a Kool-aid Jungle!

Well, I finally pulled my confidence together to try my hand at Kool-aid dyeing. Yarn is nuking as I type this line - oops! Beeper just went off, time to go peek!

Okay, I'm back, after nuking the package several times, it is now cooling down so I can rinse it off and see what the results are.

Never one for plunging timidly, I decided to use 4 colors for this first foray into the dyeing jungle! I used the yarn I received from the Crochetville Christmas in July elf, a nice fuzzy wool. I'm not certain of my color choices yet, am waiting in particular to see what resulted from the inevitable overlaps, especially where the runoff liquid from all of the colors combined below the plastic film - it managed to hit at least one of the crossover points from one color to another (the last one, go figure! And I was being so careful!). I used Lemon-Lime, Grape, Berry Blue and Mango (now there's an interesting color! Definitely gotta hightail it over to Woodman's and snag as many of those as I can lay my hands on!). Don't ask me why I thought the Mango would be yellow, might've been the pitcher of yellow liquid being splashed by the Kool-aid Pitcher guy. This stuff is - well, Mango colored, kind of an apricot-orange. Very very pretty - but will it work with the other colors? I dunno yet. All I know is I want more of it - lots more, for other color combinations. I can see it mixed with a more lemony-yellow and maybe a darker (or brighter) pink, even red!

I wonder how long it will take for the yarn to cool down?

So far, no coloring disasters, such as blue hands, even though I wore a glove on only one hand - I have a pile of crappy surgical gloves, I think they were expired which is why Phil found them at the second-hand shop. The latex is very fragile, and you can only get one wear out of them - if that. Some of them disintegrate upon trying to slip them onto your hands. Fortunately for me, that didn't happen with the one I used, and (glory be!) there were no holes in the fingers either. I was going to leave it on until I could rinse the yarn, but it started splitting at the wrist (just a matter of time) and my hand was getting mighty sweaty! And I couldn't do much of anything else! It wasn't helping my impatience.

Even the runoff liquid is clear now, which I guess means that color got soaked up by the yarn too?

Time to peek again...

Okay, I "decanted" the yarn (removed it from it's plastic sleeves and rinsed it). Not a lot of rinsing was necessary, this stuff ran clear immediately! It all looks rather nice, except, well... maybe the purple. I'm not sure about the purple yet, whether I like it or not. The overlap points will be another area of interest, once I can remove the ties. I've taken a pic of the hank hanging outside my back door, drip-drying. I am feeling a nap coming on, so I will upload and post it later (maybe I'll even try Blogger's new nifty feature for this pic). Once the yarn is fully dry, then will come the moment of reckoning - we will see how it looks when wound up into a cake... Then, on to the hook. Tomorrow the stars! Or, the back of the closet... Okay, well, I said I needed a nap!

Oh where oh where has my energy gone? I will be seriously shocked if I can find it in time to mow the lawn today - I may have to leave work early one day this week to get it done. Or ask somebody to do it for me... But then they'll mow down all of my wildflowers, not just the ones in the middle of the grass. I didn't plant any of these, but they are gracing the back edge and up the sides a bit of my property here, as well as along the garage. Without them, the place is soooo bare! I took a few pics this morning, in anticipation of the mowing job, will share those later as well. Now, for that nap!


  • At 6:39 PM, Blogger Deneen said…

    For as much "knowledge" I have on the dyeing, I have never done it! I am so curious to what you come up with.

    The ripple wrap is gorgeous too!


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