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Friday, August 19, 2005

Early weekend, and for once I'm not thrilled

Well, it looks like I will be taking a day off work tomorrow. I didn't really want to, but considering that I was lucky to make it home tonight, I can't see any way around it. I came mighty close to losing my exhaust system on the way home. Alas and alack, but it has turned out to be more - much more - than just a hole in my muffler!

Yarn addict that I am, I was actually going to stop off at JoAnns on the way home tonight. I'm down to a little over $2 in the checking account and $15 cash in my pocket, and had a 40% off coupon clutched in my hand with that glazed look in my eye, lol! I was in need of a fix and was planning to get it with one ball of Angel Hair, so I could make a hat to go with the scarf I've been working on for Isis. That money sure burns a hole in my pocket. And fortunately, tomorrow is payday.

So, I'm sitting at one of those eternal stoplights, just a few blocks out of the parking lot, waiting for my turn to go and dreaming of Angel Hair (and planning on looking for that new LA leaflet with the shrug patterns). Light finally turns green and I hit the gas... The excessively loud sound confused me at first. There was another car next to me, going into a left turn, and at first I thought maybe he too had a holey muffler. But he turned and was gone, and I was fully across the intersection before it hit me - this new loudness was coming from my car! And it was vibrating! And I had 40 miles to go to get home!!! Yikes!!!!!

I'll admit it - I did actually entertain the notion of still going to JoAnns anyway, for a few seconds at least. But I managed to resist the insane temptation and turned in the right direction - toward home.

I found that once I could get my speed up to around 50 to 60 mph, the noise and the vibrations settled down to less than a deafening roar and a body-shivering vibration, and I crossed my fingers to not catch too many lights along the 40 mile journey. But since Murphy seems to rule my life, I ended up catching easily FIVE times as many lights as I normally do on this route which I travel daily! Just this morning, as part of my obsessing over the traffic conditions I have to contend with in order to make it to work on time (let's just say, there's been little else on my mind this past week, considering the consequences of my being late even one MINUTE), I had counted all the stoplights I have to pass through to get from home to work (and back). There are 43 of them, plus two stop signs. Most tend to be the kind that are traffic sensitive, changing when there's no cross traffic after a brief wait, but about a 4th are very lengthy, taking up to 3 full minutes to go through their full rotation. There's even one set of 4 lights spaced a block apart from each other. If you catch the first one, you are guaranteed to catch all 4, they are deliberately set up that way! I caught every stinkin' one of 'em, the 4 light gauntlet as well as every 3 minute light, plus quite a few of the shorter ones as well! And each time I had to struggle to get the car back up to speed while nearly going deaf from the roar emanating below my feet - and choking on the fumes that weren't being properly exhausted out the back. Oh, and watching my fuel gauge drop a full quarter of a tank!

It was with a huge sigh of relief that I pulled into my driveway and shut the noisy thing off. I then grabbed my Maglight from the back seat and dropped to the ground for a peak underneath - and it didn't take long to spot the source of my problem: the front part of the exhaust pipe had seperated from where it connects to the engine - all the way at the front. I don't know a whole lot about cars, but I did know that I was very fortunate that the whole exhaust didn't drop at some point of that slow 40 mile journey!

Now my next dilemma: how to get this fixed, or more precisely, how to come up with the money to get this fixed? Tomorrow is payday, but just about all the money has already been "distributed" or otherwise earmarked for nonnegotiable obligations. All I had left was the amount I'd managed to budget towards gas (which, btw, I also got to watch disappear at twice the normal rate, at the current going cost of $2.75 a gallon to replace!). When I had thought my only problem was replacing the rusted out muffler (which is under a lifetime warranty, so labor only would have been charged), I had been hoping to be able to hold off on the repair until the next paycheck, two weeks hence. But this situation demands immediate attention! There is no way I can drive this car any further than straight to the muffler shop, in the condition it is in now.

I'm tired, and have hardly managed to get any crocheting done today. In fact, I've hardly done any all week. I've spent most of my evenings obsessing about getting set up for the next morning, and there just hasn't been much opportunity for playing around with yarn at work. I'm anxious to start on a shrug pattern and have been trying to play with various stitches out of the Crochet Stitch Bible, I knew I wouldn't be able to concentrate well enough to actually start on a project until the weekend. Now the weekend has arrived a day early (as I am forced to use up one of my precious dwindling supply of paid days off), and I will have other things to be obsessing over, again!

Sigh... I think I will just go off to bed for now. I will get up at my usual time, even though I won't be going anywhere, and after I make the call-in to the boss, will go play with some yarn for a little while before I start the brainstorming and phoning session to try and resolve my dilemma.


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