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Monday, August 08, 2005

A Finished Object!

Well, managed to get through the whole weekend without doing much of anything on the computer, including making my minimum weekly posts to my blog. The crappy health issues continue, along with the work ones (gotta find time to finish up that series I started), often by the time I get home, I don't even feel like browsing online much - so I haven't been! I've managed to fall far behind in everything as a result, but the way I've been feeling, I would much rather spend what little time and energy I have available playing with my yarn. In fact, I will be doing just that very shortly!

Part of my fading attention span with being online has a lot to do with the ever-present "resolving host" issues, which makes dial-up seem like the roadrunner of being online! I can't tell you all how many times I've clicked on a link only to get the "resolving host" message and gone wandering off to do something else, not returning sometimes until an hour later, having completely forgotten what I had been involved with! I've been in such a bitchy mood lately as well that this has actually been a good thing for me to do, the other alternative could be dangerous to my computer and/or me!

So, since I'm browsing less and crocheting more, I actually have an FO to show off! I made another one of Tiggzie's Winged Kerchiefs, and even managed to include the "Puffy McPuff Puff" (otherwise known as a bullion stitch) called for in her pattern! Perhaps it was the yarn I used (I used the Aunt Lydia's Double-strand Crochet Cotton thread), but I had no problem whatsoever working this stitch! Even managed to pull the last loop through all nine wraps on the hook in one smooth motion!!! Wow!

Here's a pic of the scarf:
Image hosted by
And here's a close-up, so you can see the McPuff Puff (giggle!) stitches:
Image hosted by
I started this project Saturday night - very late, and finished it up last night, which allowed me to wear it today. I will see about getting a shot of me wearing it tomorrow. I seem to recall that my first one took me several days to accomplish, and I didn't even bother trying the bullion stitch on that one - I knew I wouldn't be able to do it. Hmm, I had thought I'd posted a pic of it before, guess I didn't:
Image hosted by

This had been one of my packages to my Summer Secret Pal, Jessica. That kerchief turned out pretty nice too, even if it didn't have the McPuff stitch! I really like this pattern! These scarves work great to keep my hair out of my face when I'm driving (with my "Polish air conditioning" - otherwise known as driving with the windows wide open - as my Polish friend at work tells me it's called, lol!), so I am planning to make a couple more for myself.

I think part of the reason for the improvement in speed must be due to my not spending as much time on the computer and more time concentrating on my crocheting. It also helped that I was not under a deadline pressure - with this project, whenever I got around to finishing it would have been fine, no problem, therefore I flew through it. This is what the unrelenting stress has done to me. I no longer am able to perform well under pressure.

Anyway. I didn't get home until well after 9 pm on Friday, having worked late (and got into an argument with the boss over it today, but will save that story for another time. It goes along with that "pressure" and stress thing), and Saturday saw me hitting the road for a trip to mom's, with some yarn shopping wrapped around the visit. I had been playing with my new sample yarns from the Yarn of the Month Club (OMG, what a wonderful bunch!), which got me seriously hooked on tape yarns. One of the items that is high on my "must-do" list right now is a shrug/bolero (or two, or three, or...), and I decided I really wanted to make one in tape yarn. I had those luscious balls of JoAnns' Catalina that I had bought during the clearance yarn buying frenzy, but there was definitely not enough to make what I wanted. Lo and behold, it was on sale! Plus, I had several 40% off coupons! So I plotted out visits to several different JoAnns with an eye toward a rapid stash enhancement of Catalina, all of which had to be done Saturday since it was a) the last day of the sale, and b) several of my 40% off coupons were also expiring that day.

I managed to make two JoAnns on the way to mom's house, which caused me to run late arriving there. It was (again) horrendously hot out, and traffic was a nightmare, so it just took far longer than it should have to do this. Mom wasn't real happy, as she had been hoping to hit the bank (which she hadn't told me about, or I would have gone directly to her house first), so the visit started out a bit rocky but then things smoothed out and we had a nice time of it. She fed me some spaghetti and a homemade hamburger patty, followed by a slice of store-bought apple pie, all of which I scarfed down, having not eaten anything yet that day. Big mistake! I spent the rest of the day and evening in absolute agony of indigestion and gas build-up, not to mention feeling weak and drained from the heat (no a/c in my car as well as at home)! I felt pretty awful by the time I got home, and pretty broke from my frenzied yarn shopping. I had managed to hit THREE more JoAnns on the way back home! Along with the Catalina, I finally decided to pick up a couple of the crochet books I'd been coveting for some time (naturally using a couple of my 40% off coupons on those, for maximum bang for my bucks): The Crochet Stitch Bible (oh my, what a wonderful little book that is!) and Cool Crochet (the rave reviews did not lie!), plus I couldn't resist a few skeins of some of the other yarns that were on sale, or just downright too pretty to resist! Bank is busted (again - and I'm almost embarrassed to admit, this isn't even all of it: I also placed a huge Knit Picks order! Sheesh, am I out of my mind, or what? Wait - don't answer that!!!). Anyhow, here is my Saturday booty:
Image hosted by
Let this be a warning to anyone foolish enough to wander into a JoAnns to pet some yarn: that Angel Hair yarn will hook you in and won't let go! I am now finding myself plotting and planning how I can get some more of that incredibly scrumptious yarn into my stash ASAP! Aiyiyi - I am completely OUT OF CONTROL!

In fact, I can hear that soft and silky yarn calling me now, so I will wrap this up and get it posted, and then it's off to play for awhile before it's time to get set up for work (and hopefully I will not end up oversleeping again, sigh). Goodness, there's so much more to report, but again, I am going to put it off because otherwise I won't get to play with my yarn, and that makes me one very grumpy gal!

Oh, one last thing - I have decided to wait awhile before deciding what, if anything, I will decide to do about my major error on the Seraphina shawl. Jewels suggested I leave it as is, and at this point, I'm inclined to. It is wearable, and I think I will wear it for awhile before deciding, though this will also delay the adding of the fringe. From what I can see, the only way I can fix it at this point is to cut in around the area where the missed stitches were, add them and then somehow finish off the patched area. Frogging everything back to that point became a non-option as soon as I finished weaving in and hiding the last tail, which of course happened long before I discovered the error. So, for now, I will live with it as it is. As soon as I can, I will get some pics up of it - other than this one very small area (and I dare you to find it!), the shawl turned out spectacular. If and when I do decide to add the fringe, I will post another updated picture. And hopefully, that will be the end of my blatantly dumb errors! This one nearly did me in.


  • At 4:21 PM, Blogger Kimberly said…

    Oh my goodness! I just bought the Crochet Stitch Bible also on FRENCH!!! La Bible du Crochet! Great minds must have been thinking alike....if I had been able to find it in English I probably would have bought that version!

  • At 11:52 PM, Blogger Jewels said…

    Oh that stash enhancement is a total dream!!!!! You're so lucky you have a Joann's store with that Boucle rainbow stuff. How is that Crochet stitch bible?


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