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Sunday, August 21, 2005

from Weather Underground: Some of the best photos I've seen in awhile!

Wanted to share a "photo pick of the day" with you all, but two of them tied for the honor so I will share them both. I often get lost in the photo gallery at Weather Underground (my favorite online weather station), and have managed to collect a pretty decent number of spectacularly breath-taking photos from around the world to be used as wallpaper on my computer. These two are some of the best I've seen:

Reflecting on a sunny morning

Night Mists

This is my current wallpaper - isn't it nice? There is something very calming about this picture, I love it - and it looks great on my desktop!
Thunderstorm on Charlotte Harbor And Sunset

I am nearly done with the Wildberries scarf - the colors seemed rather dark last night, but then again, that was the crappy lighting in my house, lol! When I looked at it this morning, these colors really pop! But I'm a tad miffed at Lion, am thinking of writing to them to complain. BOTH of the skeins had a section - well into the yardage - where it was TIED, a KNOT! I'm sorry, but if the yarn breaks, or it runs short, than it shouldn't be sold as a full-price yarn, it should go in a "seconds" pile to be sold at a lower price! This yarn is no RHSS, we are paying premium dollars for a small amount of yarn. It should be unblemished. I've run into this on occasion with the Homespun too, and I know others have also complained about it. Makes me mad!


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