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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Hopeful little enterprising venture kickoff

I went to my local JoAnns earlier this evening, spent a few of my precious cash dollars on two skeins of the boucle in a red colorway for another one of those scarves. I was a bit confused by the fact that they didn't have a sale sign up on that yarn, until I realized that it probably won't go into effect until tomorrow. I keep forgetting that today is Saturday, it's been feeling like Sunday all day to me thanks to being off work yesterday. But anyway, I had a couple of 40% off coupons, so it was only $6 and change for these, hopefully I will be able to turn it around for a fast $20. The yarn will be on sale all week at $3.86, which is a 25% savings off the regular price, still enough to be able to sell the scarves at $20 and make a reasonable return on my efforts. These scarves should be pretty popular, but I'm going to have to aggressively market them to sell, and I'm not very good at that as a rule. Desperation might give me more of a backbone though, lol! I've got a bunch of two other colors here from the clearance sales back in July, enough to make about 6 of these scarves (3 of each colorway), plus the one from this new purchase, and I also hit the JoAnns in the next town over for 2 skeins of another color (had more coupons, being of a very resourceful nature; several were expiring today - use 'em or lose 'em). I also have enough to make another Taffy, so that will be five colorways for people to choose from directly. I will also bring the Lion catalog so people can see what other colors are available, and if they prefer one of them, they can prepay for me to pick those up and make them a scarf. Once the yarn is no longer on sale, though, I will have to raise the price a bit, so I will be using that as a marketing tool for faster sales.

Wish me luck - I hope to be a scarf-crocheting fool for the next few weeks!

The evening with Phil ended up a bust, thanks to "failure to communicate" - his cell phone's been acting up all day, which is why I couldn't reach him. I dallied around the house, hoping to hear from him, until the last possible moment before I had to race out to do my shopping before the stores closed at 9, and I swung by his place on my way home only to find that he'd been home for most of the day. He'd only left for a short while to go to Angel's to get his radiator fan replaced. The hilarious thing is that he finally did call me, wondering where I was - right after I left the house, go figure. So, seeing as how it was already kind of late, and very dark (I get a bit disoriented at night and don't like to be out driving around as a result unless I absolutely have to), I decided to come home and we'd try again tomorrow. I will go over and watch a movie or two with him while I work on these scarves. It's been months since I've had enough of an attention span to watch a movie, not sure if I have one yet but I'm willing to try. His library has grown to massive proportions in the meantime - he collects movies like I collect yarn, lol! Just about anything my little heart desires can be found on his shelves - he rivals the rental places for variety. Tonight's fare was "The Existential Detective" with Dustin Hoffman and Lily Tomlin.

Okay, I'm gonna go see what's been happening at CVille while I was gone, and then it's off to work on the Wildberries scarf.


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