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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Kool experience

Shhh! Technically, I'm in bed right now - pretend you don't even see me! I just wanted to make sure I finally got this posted...

Well, last weekend I had my first excursion into the land of Kool-aid dyeing. At first, I was having mixed feelings about my level of success, not feeling sure how the project would look considering I'd had some trouble keeping the different dyes segregated, and feeling even more unsure of one of the colors I'd chosen. Looking at it on the hank was no help at all - it only made it look "messy" in those spots where the mixed dyes had inevitably hit some of the spots. But otherwise, the colors looked pretty strong and vibrant. Here's what it looked like while it was hanging to dry...

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

I must admit, the resulting color of some of the overlapping areas (such as the blue and yellow above) looked quite nice - they segued into each other well! But I wasn't pleased to have the purple/green/yellow/blue dye mix also hit those spots. I thought for sure that this would have "ruined" the look I was trying to achieve. I figured I'd wind up the yarn and whip up a quick swatch anyway, see what I came up with.

I must say, I was highly pleased with my end result! Here's the wound ball of Kool yarn:
Image hosted by

And here's a small swatch of it worked up:
Image hosted by

It really looks much better than I anticipated! With the right lighting, I can even see that the purple actually looks purple, too! It looks good, I'm pleased.

Only thing is, I am going to have to unwind it back into hank form so I can wash it. I had not rinsed it all that heavily once I was done putting it through the microwave cycle since it rinsed clear right off the bat, and I was in too much of a rush to see what my final result was to even think it might need to be washed! The yarn is kind of stiff, and in this hot humid weather we seem to be stuck in, very sticky and hard to work with as a result. I have some Eucalan ordered and on it's way, which I would like to use with this, so it is sitting in a baggy waiting patiently for it's bath.

I had hoped to do some more yarn-dyeing this weekend, but other things gobbled up the time (plus I'm still gathering some other materials and equipment that I deemed necessary for the project), so it will have to be another time - but soon!

So, all in all, I feel like my first effort at dyeing my own yarn was a success! May subsequent efforts result in similarly pretty end results!


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