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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Looking up...

Beth wanted to know if I was an Aquarius. As a matter of fact, I am very much the Pisces flake, with a Libra Moon and Scorpio on my Ascendant, and I've been getting clobbered with heavy transits from the big hitters (outer planets) for several years now. I'm about ready for that break now (been ready for the last 4 years). It's been a pretty rough ride, one that's pretty much wrung me out to the point where there's not much left, part of the reason for the current crisis I find myself in. I've literally used up all my reserves and can't seem to get recharged.

Although I wasn't wild about posting such revelations about my struggles, it does seem to have helped a bit with the stuck energy I've been suffering from. Phil also had a hand in that, and for that I thank him. I swear, I sometimes don't think I'd have made it this far without him being around to check on me and take care of me. We did very poorly as a couple, but he can really be a gal's best friend, the best ever! He stopped by shortly after I made my post, and after gently ribbing me (yet again) about the state of my yard, decided he needed a little exercise and mowed the grass for me. Thanks to the heavy drought, the grass (or weeds, actually - my "lawn" is rather pitiful, to be honest) hasn't really grown much at all and is still mostly brown. Except for the stray Queen Anne's Lace and Chicory plants popping up in various places, things didn't look horribly bad (not that lacy white and lovely lavender-blue flowers could ever be considered "horribly bad", imo), but just bad enough that a trim really was necessary in order to make the place look a bit more tidy and - dare I say it? - civilized. I just haven't had the energy to do it, though, and he'd been teasing me about it for awhile.

Since he was out there mowing the lawn, I figured it was time I got out there and trimmed back the out-of-control plants that had turned nearly into full-blown trees - which my landlord had stated he would be removing and just hasn't gotten around to it yet. One of them was on the edge of my property and hanging well into my neighbor's driveway, and I felt it was only right that I clear that out of her way. That chore alone wore me out, and my arms felt like rubbery jello for hours afterward. I'll probably be discovering new aches in them come morning.

He also did something else that helped my state of mind tremendously. He got down under my car and inspected my exhaust system, which had been getting progressively louder - to the point where I was imagining the whole works dropping off my car anytime soon as I worried about where the money was going to come from to fix that. His inspection turned up the fact that my exhaust pipes are in good condition and not in any danger of falling off, but the muffler is rusted through and in need of replacing. Wonderful! I had gotten the "lifetime guarantee" muffler installed about 2 or 3 years ago at the muffler shop down the road a piece from me, all I need now is to find my paperwork (an evening's worth of digging through piles of receipts) and find out what they will charge for the labor (since this will still not be totally free), hopefully I can live with the noise for another 3 weeks, which is the soonest I can budget for this, and I can finally get my car purring again instead of rumbling. And I can drive with a bit more confidence that I'm not about to leave pieces of it in my wake as I drive to and from work every day.

I did not get to do my yarn dyeing, though. I still have to set those two skeins up for the project, and that will probably take me some time, seeing as how I've never done this part before - the first hank I had to work with was already set, all I had to do was prepare my kool-aid dyes and equipment and away I went! I did unwind that yarn and get it washed today, even as I was trying to decide what I was going to make from it - it feels like a fingering-weight yarn, and I have, maybe, about 300 to 350 yards in the hank, I'm guessing. Maybe a lacy scarf? Dunno, will have to continue to ponder on this one.

My squares for the comfortghan are done, all washed and currently drying. They will be getting shipped out tomorrow. I am over 2/3 of the way through on the Angel Hair scarf I am making for my daughter - that's been a "bedtime" project this weekend. What a wonderful yarn! I am totally in LOVE with this stuff! But, believe it or not, JoAnns' has another yarn that is even softer than the Angel Hair - it's called "Beautiful", and boy what an understatement that is! It has to be felt to be believed. But despite that, I am more than happy with the Angel Hair, it's less expensive and has a pretty decent yardage to it at 120 yards per skein, and there is a good selection of colors to choose from as well. For Isis's scarf, I am using a deep purple with a lighter purple "hair", a gorgeous blend of purples, her favorite color (and mine too, I must admit). This is going to be a serious treat to have wrapped around the neck on a cold winter day! And the scarf will be warm - it's 20% wool. 2 skeins is a generous amount for a nicely fringed 60" scarf about 5 or 6" wide, done in a simple hdc stitch throughout. It's been very easy to make, and I am hoping to interest some folks into placing some orders for this one. If I can budget in some money for it, I would dearly love to buy a few of Beth's scarf kits as well. Those are some drool-worthy yarns she has selected for the kits! Another gal I am hoping to soon be able to budget a purchase from is Deb aka Dudley's Tie Dye Rovings, all I can say about her stuff is Wow! I've never worked with roving before, but I'm certainly ready to try!

I have decided to wind up the 3 hanks of the Cherry Tree Hill Cotton Boucle yarn I bought from Arcadia a few weeks ago, and try it out as a short-sleeved shrug, my next planned project to be sandwiched in among several scarves and other small projects I need to get done (2 soap savers and a belt, all of which are requests), plus I need to get back to a UFO that has been hollering at me for some time, a project I had started several months ago for a gift for a special friend. That one is a rather large project and it's been too hot to work on all summer anyway, so I refuse to feel any more guilt over the fact that it stalled (besides, she's not expecting it, so it should be a nice surprise). It will be revealed in good time. And then, of course, there are several other WIPs that have slipped into UFO status from sitting around too long. It is mainly because of all of these, and my coming Christmas obligations, that I decided to take a break from the swaps at CVille for awhile. I will admit, however, that I am being sorely tempted by the winter scarf swap which is open for sign-ups right now. Must. Resist!

Okay, I have a shower to take, preparations for tomorrow (I WILL make it to work on time, I WILL I WILL!), some yarn to wind (okay, ran out of time for that, will have to move it to the next available bit of free time, hopefully this week) and a Crochet Stitch Bible to pore over in order to decide what stitch pattern will work for this shrug. Oh - somebody wanted to know what I thought about the book - I LOVE it! It's a nice, compact little design with a spiral-bound edge so the pages lay nice and flat, and it's absolutely LOADED with stitch patterns! I think I will need to pick out a skein of yarn to use to make some swatches in order to practice some of these stitches, it will be well worth my time to play around with this - probably a good project for carrying to work sometimes. All I can say is that this book is a MUST for the crocheter's library!

As usual, time is zipping by on me. I've been puttering, working on some of my preparations for tomorrow, but now I really really have to get in that shower! So, off this goes to the blog, and off I go to freshen up, to end my day with some Angel Hair to pet and work. And I pray that this will be an effortless week, as far as my schedule goes, time-wise. I will force myself, if necessary, to think positive!


  • At 10:36 PM, Blogger Jewels said…

    I'm so glad you have a love for crocheting to help you through all this right now. A saving grace for sure. Smiles your way... :)
    I'm hoping to be able to take a day and do some koolaid dying while I'm on vacation. Regular weekends just don't give enough time. That yarn I saw of yours a few posts down looks AWESOME!!!!


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