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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Rant warning...

You know, I really wish I could keep up with browsing everybody else's blogs, I really do. I so enjoy reading what's going on with everyone else, and seeing what projects they're working on, or have finished, etc etc. But it takes so dadburned long to get around that I end up losing interest and wandering off to do something else after awhile, and forget what I was doing online.

It's that stupid "resolving host" problem again, and it's been really bad lately. I never had this problem until I was forced to "migrate" my account when SBC-Yahoo took over Ameritech. It has something to do with relaying on their servers is what I have been given to understand from someone who's husband is a tech with SBC, and there's not a damn thing that can be done about it. And thanks to the constant corporate mergers and acquisitions, our choices are fewer and fewer...

When I got my dsl line, it was like a dream.. I would click on a link and the page would appear almost immediately! Time after time after time! I zoomed around the "information superhighway" at blazing speeds. It was wonderful! Then, sometime during that first year SBC took over Ameritech, and then merged with Yahoo to become "SBC-Yahoo". They set things up to have tiers of connection speed, at different prices (gotta boost that profit margin, after all!). When my account came up for renewal, they talked me into getting the higher speed (it was the "midrange" of their 3-tiered plan) by making it appear to be less expensive than just sticking with what I had, which was the "regular" plan. Because of the changes in ownership, there was a migration process I had to go through in order to take advantage of the features that were supposed to come with my new plan, and I had to upgrade my software. My computer has never been the same since! And the "resolving host" issues began to crop up.

I realize that alot of people don't know diddly about all things computers. But it really frosts my cookies to have software that installs itself in secret locations on your computer without your say-so, or to be forced to install stuff you don't want, which is what happens with SBC's package. They don't allow any options for someone to do a "custom install" so they can choose which programs they need and leave the extraneous stuff behind - you get it all, whether you need it or not. And forget about reinstalling ONE component if a problem pops up with it - you have to reinstall the whole shebang because of the way they have it set up! In trying to troubleshoot my "resolving host" problems with an SBC customer service agent who did not speak English as their first language, I nearly went bald from the process, and the end result became a non-functioning computer! Fortunately, I had a backup computer that I could use, a stripped down model I had gotten free from work (they were going to throw it out, it had been replaced with new equipment), so I limped along on that one while trying to get this one back up and running, starting with a forced reformat and fresh install of my Windows, which managed to get corrupted in the process. It took far longer than I'd expected it to, and I was on that backup for months while I researched to find a connecting software I could use to avoid using SBC's load of crap, which had also caused conflicts on my backup. Oh, and the "resolving host" problems continued on that one as well. They had tried to blame it on my computer, as they always do when things aren't working correctly.

I was finally successful in finding a piece of software to use to connect to my service without using their bloated, invasive stuff. I'm very happy with it, but it did not solve the "resolving host" problem. That's when I found out that the problem resides at their end rather than mine, after talking to a local SBC repair person's spouse (who happens to work at my company). They'd had the same problem (and live in another state too, btw) and he was unable to do anything to fix it either. And I learned, early on, that trying to work with their "customer service" will only result in a busted computer because they will have you tinkering with your computer to death (literally!) because they work from a script, and are unable to bypass any of the steps to get to the crux of the matter. They always start out with the assumption that the problem is on your end rather than theirs, and it can take hours to go through this review process of elimination. I know - I've done it! More than once!

My account is coming up for renewal again, and I have to make a decision. My options are extremely limited, thanks to my busted finances, but even if I stay with this company, I have already decided I will be going with the "lower" tier plan, and hopefully shave the bill down a bit. I don't need "blinding fast download speeds", I don't download music or video files or much more than the occasional pdf file, I just don't need that kind of speed. I can wait for the pictures to load, I already do anyway. Besides, with this "resolving host" issue, I'm not getting it anyway! For the past year, I have NOT been getting what I paid for! I can't tell you how much time I've wasted this past year trying to get this problem fixed!

Sorry if I've bored anybody with this little diatribe, but I needed to vent a bit. It just gets so frustrating to do anything online when I seem to spend half my time waiting for the system to resolve itself! It ends up taking me forever to view a blog with links to other areas of interest (and I'm definitely interested!) that I'm lucky if I get to see a few blogs a day, even using my Bloglines account, or reviewing some of the new threads on Crochetville.

Okay, this rant got started because I'd clicked to go view somebody's blog and got bogged down with the "resolving host" message yet again! I know it finally resolved itself and the page is now sitting there waiting for me to view it, so I will post this and go to it, then back to my scarf project.


  • At 10:13 PM, Blogger Micky said…

    Well hopefully you will get it all straightened out. Yes all computer techs are WAY over paid. As even I with no training can go find all those hidden files and delete them. Without tearing my computer apart. Of course a lot of what I know I got from the hubby. He has friends in hacker-ville. lol
    Glad this hasn't kept you from crafting.


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