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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Seraphina Redux

Okay, a couple of shots of my now-completed (sans fringe - still haven't decided on that) lace-weight Seraphina.

Not having any space horizontal or vertical where I could spread this thing out for a flat view, I tried to just hold it up by it's tips. My arms don't stretch wide enough for that, lol! But here's my effort anyway...
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And here is a shot of me wearing it - that extra four rows really did make a difference, eh? It's exactly how long I wanted it to be!
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Last, but not least, my silly daughter decided to play with my shawl - there's always got to be at least one joker in a family! She gets this from her dad, I'll have you know!
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I just absolutely LOVE this shawl in the laceweight yarn - it's soooo light and soft, yet warm! This is perfect for cool summer evenings - and probably at least partway through the fall, too - as well as heavily air-conditioned offices. I hope to find time to get started soon on the Iris laceweight I want to make, as well - and hopefully I'll have more than half a brain when I work on that one. This shawl really shouldn't take all that long to make, it was only because of my many stupid errors that it took as long as it did, and of course, there were several long breaks in the process while I worked on other things, too.


  • At 7:33 AM, Blogger Stashaholic said…

    I know what you mean - I've made it in everything from Bulky to Sockweight, and hands down, the sockweight one is my favourite :-)


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