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Saturday, August 27, 2005

So proud of me!

Pattin' myself on the back now, for not procrastinating and getting the lawn mowed! Here's some pics of the back yard to prove it...
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My front yard is about a third of the size of the back. I always start with the front, it makes it easier to get the job done. It also makes it easier in case I can't get the whole thing done, though fortunately that's never happened. Still, it's a real workout for me - an hour of running around pushing a mower, then about an hour and a half of recovery time, lol!

There are still large areas where the grass hasn't fully recovered from the summer drought, mostly toward the far rear of the property where the pine tree sucked up whatever moisture was available, though there was still plenty of stuff to mow - a lot of weeds! Nothing seems to affect them! But I don't mind them all that much - if not for the weeds, my yard would be seriously boring. Since this is a rented house and I don't have much in the way of disposable income to be spending on landscaping and gardening a property I don't own, I take my enjoyment from the weeds. It gives the place more of a "country" feel, lol!

Adding to the "country" ambience are the critters that occasionally parade through the back yard, driving Meeps out of her mind. Mostly it's other cats and rabbits, but the other night I watched a possum go wandering into my garage through the barely cracked side door. I used the automatic opener to raise the big door and ran in to shoo the critter out, but he, uh, well, musta been "playing possum" (sorry), I couldn't find snout or tail in there and finally had to give it up. I generally leave the small door cracked so Meeps can keep the mouse population from proliferating in the garage, after they did some serious damage to stuff I'd stored in there the first winter after I moved into the place. I mean, they practically had a mouse condo built from the stuff they'd raided! Meeps has worked diligently ever since to help with the eviction notices, lol! Haven't had a mouse problem since, but it does, unfortunately, draw all the other hunters in the neighborhood, forcing Meeps to enforce her territory. Only rarely have I had to run out to break up the fight, worrying about my 4 pound declawed kitty getting her butt kicked. Almost every time, I've found the opposite to be true. She may be small, but she is fierce, especially when defending her turf! It's the wild blood in her, I'm sure. The lack of front claws hasn't deterred her either - I've watched her climb trees with a dexterity that is truly amazing, though I've had other declawed cats that could do the same when they so desired.

I also took a shot of the said fierce Meeps staking out an "area of interest" by the fence. Unfortunately, I was still rather shaky from my mowing efforts and couldn't hold the camera steady enough to avoid blurring the picture. But I think you'll still recognize her!
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I've got one more post to make, then it's off to crochet for awhile. My, how quickly the evening flies!


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