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Friday, August 12, 2005

Speeding toward the weekend (is it Friday YET?)

I swear, my evenings disappear far too quickly lately! No matter how hard I try, I just cannot keep up with everything I want to do.

This week, I have been splitting my time between working on two scarves, trying to keep up with the online activities and attempting to organize myself for the next day of work - and not getting anywhere very fast on any of them! Well, I take that back - I'm almost halfway through one of the scarves, though it is now on temporary hold while I work on whipping up some squares for the comfortghan for Anne at Crochetville. When I read the thread over there yesterday about the plans for making this, I knew I had to jump in and volunteer some squares - I have so much enjoyed her presence on the boards that I felt this would be a good way for me to say "thank you" and to add my support for her as she goes on her healing journey from the pituitary tumor she was recently diagnosed with. I spent all of last night digging through my stash looking for the right yarns to use for these, and reviewing patterns; started on the first square at lunch today and am about half-way through it. Since I am writing this message piece-meal while working on the square and trying to get the evening chores done, etc etc, I may even manage to get that square finished before I post this! My goal is to make 4.

I had been hoping to attend the Stitches Midwest conference that is being held in Rosemont (a suburb of Chicago, right by O'Hare Airport) this weekend (started today, as a matter of fact), and had been trying to talk Isis into going with me. But she is in the middle of preparing to move, with all that it entails, and just couldn't lose a whole weekend day to go play, alas. Which is just as well, I suppose, since my lack of self-control over my yarn-buying last weekend blew my meager budget right out of the water! The now-soaring price of gas is adding to my budgeting woes, gobbling up every spare bit over the next few paychecks, so the YAS will have to be brought under control for a few months, unless I can start generating more income, perhaps by working some of my stash with an eye toward selling a few things. So, I will not be going anywhere this weekend at all, other than maybe a visit to Phil's house. Maybe by next year this time, I will be in a better place financially to be able to make it there (if they have it in my area again). I will just have to read reports on it from others, sigh...

Well, since I won't be going anywhere, I guess that means I will have some time for another yarn-dyeing session - that's something to look forward to! Deb from Dudley's Spinning asked me if wanted to play some more. My answer is a resounding YES!!! I was very pleased with my first effort, and have been playing with color combinations in my head for this next session, lol! I have everything I need for a good afternoon of playtime, and this will help me get over my disappointment over not being able to go to Stitches Midwest.

I had more to say - lots more! But amazingly enough, my evening has, yet again, zipped by, and I've run out of time. So often, I've started to write stuff like this, run out of time and then drafted it, only to never get it posted because "the moment had passed". I will go ahead and post this, and then I'm off to bed. I didn't finish that square, but I only have one round left to go on it, and it should work up quickly enough tomorrow, once I've had some sleep - in my bed, instead of the usual dozing sessions over my keyboard!

So I will try to catch you all up this weekend.



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