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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Taffy Boucle!

Last but not least for today, we have the Lion Brand Boucle scarf I finished up around noonish today. Wouldn't you know it, but JoAnns has this yarn on sale this week! I do believe I will pick up some skeins in different colors and whip up a few more of these scarves for a "quick sale" item, I suspect I will be able to move these fairly quickly. This one took me probably about an hour and a half total to make, with only 2 skeins of the yarn! I deliberately made this one skinny and a bit shorter because of it's bulkiness, and made a chain-loop fringe. It is 4 inches wide and, including the fringe, is 60 inches long, made on a Crystallite "L" hook.
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I had a dickens of a time photographing this one! Here's a shot of it on the hanger hooked on my backyard fence, with the wind adding it's own challenge - and here I'd brought it outside to avoid the problem caused by fans as well as lack of light! Oh well.
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Here's a larger shot of it, in the less-friendly confines of this room, lol! Go away shadows!

I'm sure I could further embellish this scarf and make it even fancier, but then that would drive up the cost, forcing me to set a higher price on these, and like I'd mentioned earlier, everyone's been crying broke at work, so I want to provide something that I can set a reasonable price on. Best of all, I can crank quite a few of these out pretty quick. Having the yarn on sale will be a mighty big bonus, so it looks like other WIPs and projects will be getting moved down the list for awhile. I need to strike while the iron's hot!

Nevertheless, this one's mine! I just LOVE the color combinations on this one!


  • At 10:02 PM, Blogger Jewels said…

    great idea using the loopy fringe!

  • At 4:52 AM, Blogger jaclim said…

    That's a beautiful scarf, Deb! Love the color and the drape!


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