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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

What a difference a day makes.

Forgive the screwy formatting. This line will disappear once I get home and can edit this post, which is being sent remotely. (Adding this later: Surprise surprise, but the formatting seems to be mostly okay now, only the paragraphs were spread out instead of every line so they must have fixed it. Only problem I can see is in this editing window - despite the fact that my font is set to "small", the words are GINORMOUS here, lol! No need for a magnifying glass here folks! So I guess I'll leave the first line after all, since I decided to add this comment. Oh, and I'll tighten up those paragraphs too while I'm at it, can't resist.)

I’m not completely back to snuff, but at least I’m feeling more than half-human again. I’ve massaged my budget a bit to squeeze out the expense for a doctor visit from my next paycheck, can’t delay it any longer, as things have been getting worse and worse with each repetition of the cycle. Last night was the absolute worst yet – I was in so much pain I nearly had to crawl to my bed! I’m tired of this! I have no doubt these “female issues” are greatly responsible for all the difficulty I’ve been having with my concentration, focus and accuracy, both in my job and in my crocheting activities. I was always proud of my dead-on accuracy and photographic mind, and the constant errors and inability to stay on task have been driving me crazy!

No doubt, the years of unrelenting stress have also had their toll, and even though much of the pressure has been relieved, my system has refused to adjust to the lighter load. Sometimes it makes me feel like a raging lunatic! So my goal over the next several months is to figure out how to reduce my “stressful thinking” and develop a more laid-back attitude about things. I am also going to stop feeling guilty if I don’t respond to folks as often, or fast, or thoroughly as I used to. I am going to lower my self-expectations until I can accomplish things without first going through the hysterical fits that seem to have become my modus operandi lately.

So now, here I am at work, feeling better, and I have this raging desire to just screw off and crochet! I am so close to being finished with my Seraphina, all I want to do is work on her. At lunch, I worked on the project for awhile, though you can’t get a whole lot done within that half-hour time frame that I have to operate under. But I sure did receive a lot of compliments on it from folks in the lunch area! It felt pretty good. There’s been a topic thread on Crochetville lately that was asking about what friends and family thought of our past-time, and it really surprised me to see that so many crocheters get grief from others over their activity. I can honestly say that this has never happened to me. Most of the reactions I have ever gotten were of the “I wish I could do that” kind, or at the very least, interest and appreciation for what I was doing. Personally, I think it’s pretty rude of anybody to question how someone else chooses to spend their time, and to call handicrafts a “waste of time” is the rudest of all! I’d probably have a few well-chosen words for anybody that had the nerve to say something like that to me, let me tell you!

Okay, well, I suppose I really should be pushing myself to get some of this work done, especially seeing as how it won’t finish itself no matter how much I beg! My level of activity tonight will be entirely contingent on how hot it is at the old homestead. Windows were left open with fans blowing, but it still gets pretty hot in there during the day and doesn’t cool down much until well after midnight lately. The area around the computer is the hottest of all (gee, wonder why?!), but I will at least get in to check, and fix if necessary, the formatting on this post.



  • At 7:13 PM, Blogger Micky said…

    Well if you are wanting to work on it that much, just do it.
    Be well.


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