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Thursday, August 04, 2005

What would YOU do?

Seems like it's always something!

Well, this was where I was supposed to be proudly announcing that I was all done with my Seraphina - excepting the fringe, which I had decided that yes, I had enough, and yes, I would fringe. The crocheting part was over, finishing row of sc across the top of the shawl and all! I had secured that last end, leaving it long enough to become part of the fringe group that would later go there and, despite the horrendous heat, had thrown the shawl across my shoulders to go admire it in front of the mirror, then put it up on the hanger to let it stretch out a bit, and to count the shells so I could calculate how many strands I would need for my fringe job. That's when I found it. A half-shell, where a full one should have been. Right on the last row, only a few shells into the last half of the row, near the center point.

That was the beginning part of the area I was working on when I was feeling so terrible the other night. I can understand making an error like that considering how much pain I was in. What I can't understand is WHY DIDN'T I CHECK MY WORK??? That's the part that's inexcusable - I should have known better! ::SIGH::

So now what do I do? Somehow UNsecure the end I just hid, rip out the finishing row and the entire last half of the last row? Or should I attempt something I have never ever done before - try to cut into that spot and patch in those extra stitches? What would you do, besides just leaving the error as is? I cannot bear to just leave that dumb error in there, not after all the hours of work I've put into this project.


Seems like it's always something!


  • At 9:26 PM, Blogger Jewels said…

    omg, I would either just leave it or crochet a few little flowers and cover it up. I think I've become the master of covering up a booboo after admitting I did it and accept it and move on. Now I don't let mistakes drive me nuts. Does that make sense or just make me sound lazy? lol


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