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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My FCEC Shrug

This was the shrug pattern in the latest (and greatest!) edition of Family Circle Easy Crochet (pictured on page 23, pattern on pg 67). The pattern called for Patons "Pooch", but since I had an abundance of Lion Boucle from my scarf projects, I decided to use that instead. I had sold my Taffy scarf (the one that was supposed to be for me) and since the person I bought it from was likely to wear it at work, I decided I'd rather make something else with that yarn. So I made this shrug! Just to personalize it, I decided to trim it with theblue boucle. It took some hunting to find just the right button for it, and I'm very happy with this one, made of bone!
Image hosted by

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Note for those who may attempt this pattern: It's really quite easy, but there was what appears to me to have been some steps ommitted that could cause some confusion. I know it delayed my progress for a few days, until I decided that although they hadn't mentioned it, the shoulder pieces did need to be joined together before starting with the instructions on the sleeves.


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