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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


...and it's not lookin' good for the beads, folks.

I'm trying real hard not to get hysterical - like I did the other day - it doesn't help.

At this point, methinks nothing will.

Being the stubborn lass I am, I will probably try at least once more, an effort to add to the four previous attempts to do what I want to do, yet can't seem to. I just wanted to apply some bead embellishments along the back panel and around the sleeves. I'd even quit worrying about the "stretchability" issue...

Gawd - what ELSE could screw up? While I'm sitting here whining on my keyboard, I heard a "slithery" sound, something definitely not belonging here. Except when there are strings of beads everywhere... Sure enough (don't know how that happened), the strand of 6/0 beads I'd been working with had somehow decided to slither off the worktable here. One side is secured with a bead knotted on the end, the other (naturally) is not. It conveniently had slid between the table and a shelving unit a few inches from it, not an easy place to be retrieving a string of beads. I tried, and thought I was successful, in finding and grabbing the UNsecured side to lift the strand out of it's tight spot, but... yeah, I heard little beads go tinking off, never to be seen again (until I move, probably). It wasn't many, but still...

Anywhoo, where was I with this whine? Oh yes, applying the little buggers. I have a panel of three solid double crochet "rows" on this shrug (technically, they're "rounds", not rows, but for beading intents and purposes, I am viewing them as rows. Not like it's making it any easier!). I had some really pretty sparkly twisted bugle beads, about a quarter of an inch long I thought I would use for this, making a zig-zag pattern across the middle of the three rows, capped at top and bottom with the 6/0 beads. My idea seemed easy enough, especially since I'd determined that I wouldn't have to worry about the fabric stretching (or needing to stretch) in this area. I could just sew them on...

Maybe if I had another full week of Sundays, I could get this done. But it is now heading for 8:30 pm on Tuesday night, and this shrug needs to be placed into my daughter's hands tomorrow. I can't get those zigs and zags straight if my life depends on it! I've been at this for several hours now. After realizing that I can't sew beads on straight on a stretchy yarn (to begin with. We won't even mention how slippery everything chooses to be, or how much cat hair seems to keep leaping onto this black shrug, driving me crazy as I pick them off constantly - oh yeah, and my hair too! I am literally shedding all over this thing! And lint - this thing is a magnet!), I decided to abandon the pretty bugle beads and try just sewing on a strand of seed beads, anchored at intervals with the 6/0s. I tried it two different ways, and the result was, well, childish looking, to say the least. It just plain looked stupid, and I still couldn't make even zig-zags, nor can I make straight and even "U" shapes. At this point, I'm not even sure I can lay this string on and sew it down in a straight line!

It doesn't help that my manual dexterity, never all that great to begin with, leaves loads to be desired. It's kind of hard to work with tiny beads and gossamer threads and teensy-tiny needles when your fingers feel like sausages around them. And thanks to my attack of nerves, I broke out in a major skin flake around nearly all my fingertips, further hampering things with the constant snagging of threads and yarns on rough skin. I think I've gone through a half a bottle of the heavy-dutiest hand lotion I own! The lotion gets sucked up and is gone in practically minutes!

It would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic. Sigh...

I think I may have to abandon this idea. I still have the seed bead strand to try and apply to the edges of the thing, not real sure about that right now either. I think I have to restrand them all too, before I can do that. I failed to consider the fragility of the sewing thread when I strung them all originally - though in my defense, I hadn't thought they'd fit on more than a single thickness. What is it that people usually use with these beads anyway? I don't think I recall ever seeing any mention of that anywhere I looked when I was in my research mode.

Beads are pretty. They are shiny, and sparkle beautifully. But they are a major PITA to work with, at least with clothing items. Maybe that's why there was no information about it online. Everybody else already knew that!

Well, on the (somewhat) brighter side of things, other than the stupid beads, the shrug is done, right down to the weaving in of all evil ends. It does look pretty even without the beads, and probably will fly just fine the way it is. And it fits her, we had a fitting yesterday, which gave me the opportunity to make minor adjustments along those lines. But it's not what I wanted. Instead of elated, I feel deflated over this project.

Well, I'm off to see if there's going to be any way to at least get the edges trimmed. That had been part of my "bare minimum" requirement for this project, I've got to at least shoot for that.


  • At 10:58 AM, Anonymous Joe said…

    Beads are pretty. They are shiny, and sparkle beautifully. But they are a major PITA to work with, at least with clothing items. Maybe that's why there was no information about it online. Everybody else already knew that!

    LOL That's one way of looking at it.


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