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Monday, October 24, 2005


Missed my usual Sunday night/Monday morning update. Not that I wasn't still up - of course I was! And for far far too late this time too. I was exhausted but still scrambling to get my living room cleared out, cleaned up and organized to receive my huge household companions which spend their summers outdoors but must come in for the wintertime. That would be my 4 large tropical plants, my "buddies" that have been with me for over 15 years now!

I pushed it to the limit with these guys, having had several nights that dipped well below my usual "lowest" threshold of 40 degrees (lowest was a scary 36, back when I was still wrestling with my beaded shrug project). This weekend really was the first real opportunity I had for the necessary housecleaning I had to do to prepare for their presence again. Tonight, with Phil's help, I got them in!

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"Corny", the tall one, did not do as well as the others this year. His leaves are mostly looking a tad ragged, though there are still some good ones left. Even though he doesn't have all that many leaves, I will have to give him a trim, and perhaps look into adding more dirt to his pot. Although you can't see it, the leaves at the very top are very healthy looking indeed, and are only inches from the ceiling!

"Sheffy", my Sheffelera (forget it, I'm not looking up the proper spelling tonight!) did very well and, as usual, is sprawling all over the place.

Thanks to Sheffy, you may have a hard time spotting my Peace Plant. This plant is in a pot that is not quite as huge as the clay pots the others are in, and the plant is not one that grows much either vertically or horizontally, so I am (fortunately) able to set it on the table next to the couch, where it will get it's unimpeded dose of daily light from my grow bulbs. Thanks to Sheffy, that table can't really be used for anything else anyway, so this arrangement has worked okay for all concerned.

Prior to today, the area now being covered with plants was piled up with bags and boxes of - what else? - YARN! And patterns, and wips, and other crochet and craft-related odds and ends. Next to my "working" chair there is still a mountain of these things, a corner of which is viewable in the above pic, lol! That's the part that sticks out past the front edge of the chair. Getting into the plastic covered 18 gallon crate underneath that formidable pile is a bit time consuming - hope I can remember what yarn is in there! Then there's the clear plastic covered blanket box which sits on top of that, then various bags of yarn stuffed all around and on top of it, along with various other crafting tools and small baskets of whatnot. There's my organization, folks, such that it is! I do have a bookshelf next to that pile, against the wall - but it's all filled with books! We won't even go into the rest of my stash, which is (literally) stashed all over the house (some of which previously resided where the plants now sit). There isn't a room or closet that doesn't hold a considerable amount of it. I can't believe how fast my stash grew - or how broke I am as a result of it! I'll sure be busy this winter, that's for sure!

(MUST stay out of the craft shops! MUST ignore the ads and emails and coupons - COUPONS! OMG - BOTH Hobby Lobby and JoAnns have gifted me with 40% off coupons, AGAIN! And me with NO money! Oh my! Not even gas money to rob... Sigh...)

And here's Benji:
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"Benji" is what I affectionately call my Benjamina Ficus when I talk to him -- yes, I talk to my plants, why do you think they've lasted this many years? This is not Benji's usual spot, of course. I still have to clear the path from the living room, down the very narrow hallway and into this room in order to move him into his usual spot. It will require moving furniture and other items that are simply in the way - but in this tiny house, that's a major chore. I can't just move them across the room because the rooms are so small. They have to be moved out of the room, and a spot found to tuck them (usually blocking the bathroom) for the time being until we get everybody jockeyed into their rightful places. And I wonder why I procrastinate?

His picture looks a little weird, almost like part of him was waving as I took the picture, lol! He had a rather spectacular growing season this year, and his leaves are all green and glossy looking, very luxurious. He looks mahvelous! I hope he will be able to sustain that through the long, dark, cold winter here. Having that lovely greenery here really perks me up.

For now, he will sit in front of the couch, though. I got far too little sleep last night (er, this morning) and it resulted in my oversleeping. In order to save my job, I had to take a half-day at my boss's direction, which on the one hand I hated to have to do (I'm now down to 2 and a half days of pto time left until the end of the year) but ended up working out well for this plant-moving project. But I intend on crawling into bed very early tonight, and spending what little waking time I have left crocheting. I'm still not done with my Harvest Prayer Shawl, since I was too busy to work on it yesterday. I'm anxious to wrap that up so I can dig into my Christmas projects. And there is still plenty more work to be done on this house to prepare for the inevitable winter. As soon as I recover from hauling all those heavy plants around (even with Phil doing the bulk of it with the use of a two-wheeler, I stressed my back out. And my right elbow is giving me serious trouble now too), I will get back to it.


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