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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Insomnia sucks. The brain feels like mush and the body just wants to melt into the nearest soft surface. Work? What's that? Boy, can a day go slowly when all you want is for it to end so you can get home and go to sleep, only to find yourself once again wide awake, albeit more thoroughly tired than before. Hopefully it won't get to that stage tonight. I fully intend to get tomorrow's preparations completed, finish my browsing early (by skipping much of it, or this will never happen!) and go crawl under my down comforter with my shawl project well before midnight. I will be starting on my 3rd skein for this project tonight. I would have been at this point last night, but got myself too tied up in trying to catch up on the heavy posting activity of the day after I finished the chores I had assigned myself.

This will be a very nice and warm basic shawl, using the prayer shawl pattern, done up in my favorite Homespun yarn in the fab colorway "Harvest", perfect for the season and one which will go with many things in my fall wardrobe. I will use up most, if not all, of 3 skeins on it, and then edge it all the way around. I have not decided how I want to finish off the ends, but was thinking possibly of a chainstitch fringe of an as-yet-undetermined length. Seeing as how I adore this particular blend of colors, I know I will be getting a lot of wear out of it. I have decided (due mainly to being rather pressed for time with a long and urgent to-do list) not to post wip status pics of this project, besides which it's going to be finished pretty quickly. I started this last Thursday night and, unless other things tie me up in the meantime, I anticipate being fully done with it by Saturday night at the latest So it will be debuted in it's fully completed glory.

As I was working on it last night, I thought about whether or not I wanted to make myself some ponchos. At first, I wasn't all that enthused over the idea, even though I must have a thousand and one patterns for the things by now! But then I got to thinking - as I struggled in frustration with my then currently worn shawl, which I found tended to get in the way when trying to do mundane chores such as feeding the cat or washing dishes, etc., that a poncho might not be such a bad idea after all! It would keep me just as warm (maybe even more so) and would not be so awkward to work around the house in. I had managed last summer to snag the Bernat pattern booklet with the turtleneck poncho on the cover, and I'm thinking I will make a few of these for this winter.

Okay, so I wandered off for a bit, to get a few of my morning preparations done, and already it's heading toward 11:30, so I will post this and get a move on if I'm to meet my midnight goal.

Tomorrow, if there's time, I will talk about the main topic that occupied my sleep-deprived mind (when I wasn't obsessing over staying awake and trying to look productive): getting some kind of plan together for the Christmas projects I would like to do, and for whom. I can tell already that I'm getting overly ambitious with these plans, will have to work out a schedule of projects that will be more realistic - or as close to it as I am capable of getting. I still find it hard to anticipate those unexpected challenges! By now, I should know they will arrive with great dependability, so I can be better prepared (and less hysterical, lol!). I should also know that it usually always works out just fine in the end anyway, and try to save my dwindling hair supply...


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