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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

It's Wednesday...

...and now here we are, past our deadline and still not finished. Oh, and one of the things I forgot to mention in all my rants is the fact that I have not been feeling well for the last several days. That has certainly not helped, in fact it is the principal reason I am running behind. But, due to my obsessing over this project, I have tried my best to just ignore the discomforts (it's that painful "middle of the cycle" deal again, and man can it be painful, especially combined with my chronic back troubles. It's hell getting old!), except when they became insistent. For the most part, I've been fairly successful at it, but it has still slowed me down considerably.

So, I gave up on the idea of the embellishments, and proceeded to try to get the trim done. Only to be met with MORE frustration! I started by restringing my seed beads onto a double strand of thread (I just knew a single strand wasn't likely to hold, no sense putting all that work into something that isn't going to last. Just wish I'd thought of it sooner.), which fortunately didn't take too long. I'd figured out a fairly quick manner of getting them strung, so I got that done and then set about to getting them applied to the edges.

My idea had been to attach the strand by running a second thread (I'd planned to use the #10 for this) with slip stitches to grab and hold the bead strand between each shell. Well, easier said than done! After several unsuccessful attempts, I threw up my hands in frustration, figuring I wasn't even going to be able to get this done! Then I decided to try one more thing - sewing the strand on, tacking it down, again at regular intervals. And that finally worked. Only problem is, as slow as I am at crocheting, I'm even slower at hand-sewing! By 1 am, I'd managed to attach about 2/3 of the long strand around the body of the piece. I still have the sleeves to do.

And it's now Wednesday. The day this shrug is due for delivery.

I ended up calling in again today. I still feel crappy enough to justify doing so, though I'm not crazy about using up my pto time (pto = paid time off, as in vacation and sick days) too quickly. This will leave me only 3 days until the end of the year, and who knows what lies ahead? But I will take advantage of it to get the damn project finished if it kills me, and then I will have to make arrangements for how best to get this to my daughter later. She leaves for Vegas, and the wedding, tomorrow (the wedding is Saturday or Sunday, I believe).

I'm not totally thrilled with the way it looks, but at this point, I can't let my perfectionism run amok. It doesn't look bad, just not like I would like it to look, and frankly it still bugs me that I couldn't do the embellishments the way I'd wanted to. It's pretty obvious the only way that would have worked was to sew each bead on - carefully - by hand, a very lengthy process (especially since it's me doing the sewing!). But, with the trim, and the embellishments I'd managed to add to the starting fabric, the shrug should provide a bit of sparkle and shine, in an understated sort of way. The edge of the shrug, once done, will be edged with about 95" worth of seed beads. It will take about 26" of same for each sleeve. Due to their weight, there was no way I could have used the much easier to maneuver 6/0 beads for this trim, the shrug would have been dragged down by it. No doubt, once this project is done and out of my hands, I will be cursed with flashes of brilliant hindsight on how I could have done things better, easier, etc etc. Guess I'll just have to file those for future reference. If I'm ever crazy enough to attempt something like this again!

I will be soooo thrilled when I can finally say "this project is done!", and I can resume my regularly scheduled life! This has so consumed me that far too many things have been left unattended in the meantime. I will be scrambling to get the long overdue cleaning and reorganizing done on my house so I can bring my large houseplants back in (I got lucky last weekend - they survived the one seriously cold night we had, when the temps dipped into the upper 30s), and see about sealing this drafty old house up to conserve the little amount of heat I'm going to be able to use. I also need to get started on some things I need to make to help me survive the lower thermostat settings (shawls, lapghans, handwarmers, etc).

Okay, so I think I've allowed myself enough "wake up" time. It's time to get back to wrestling with beads...


  • At 1:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Goldi, Do we get to see a pic of this shrug when you are finished?
    Sounds so beautiful even without all the extra embellishments.
    Your daughter is getting married in Vegas?


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