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Monday, October 17, 2005

Obligatory Sunday night/Early Monday morning post

Well, it's been a mixed bag of a weekend for me. I hobbled into it, literally and figuratively, dreading my long to-do list and somehow managed to avoid by default most of it anyway. Just too wrung out. But I did manage to get the most important item on my list done - tuning up my car, however that wasn't as easy to accomplish as I'd hoped. I had the good fortune to have my friend the mechanical genius just happen to be in town (flew in from Detroit is what I'd heard) to build a shed for a mutual friend in the old neighborhood - near our previous house in McHenry. When asked if he could do it, he said sure, bring the car on down! And so I did. And spent several hours watching him work to lay the foundation of the shed before he could take time out to look at my car, figure out what parts were needed and send me and Phil (who was also there, but getting pressed into slinging the sledge hammer, rather awkwardly I'll admit. But he tried!) off to the auto parts store while he continued to work on the shed. The mutual friend for whom this shed was being built was off at some function, lol! Wiley old coot!

Anyhow, part of the diagnostic routine Mr. Wizard had in mind required that it be dark, and so we sat around for several more hours watching him work on that foundation, which he finished just as darkness was settling in. Not having expected to be gone so long, and the day being a lovely sunny one with temps in the sixties, I had neglected to bring a jacket with me. I got cold. Very cold. And sore, from standing around, with breaks to sit in my car and work on my "brainless" shawl (which I was smart enough not to forget!). His inspection of my car determined that all I needed was a new set of spark plugs (there seemed to be a general consensus between the guys that what I had were possibly the original plugs in my 13 year old car - despite the fact that I have had it tuned up before. Wires were fine - this was what had required darkness to verify. He had also recommended an additive called "Seafoam" to put in my gas tank, to clean the fuel injectors, that had been a little harder to find, but we'd managed to come up with one of the two cans of it he'd sent us off to get, along with the plugs. We then took the car for a spin through the country roads - to reset the computer settings I was told, and to give the Seafoam a chance to circulate. By the time we got back, I could already begin to notice a difference in my car's performance.

I had arrived there a little after 2, pulled out shortly after 7 and headed home, with a stop at the grocery store on the way. By the time I got in, I was beat, and still freezing. Spent the rest of my evening crocheting, finishing up the first skein on my shawl.

Woke up this morning in abject agony. Every part of me ached, but none more than my back, which had taken a beating from all that standing around. I can't handle standing for long periods of time, or rather I should say my back can't handle it. It also can't handle me sleeping for more than about 5 hours at a stretch, or it locks up on me. Yeah, I've got a bum back, and it goes way back. I have to be real careful with it, but especially as the weather gets cold, or it's likely to go out on me without prior notice. At least so far it's giving me some indications which helps me to avoid the things that will send it into lockdown. So today, I did virtually nothing. Not too happy about it, especially since those plants have to come in next weekend - no more delays! But my car is now running like a dream again, and hopefully I won't be going through the gas as heavily as I have been. I still need to find a good source of that Seafoam though, it was recommended that I put a can of it in every two or three fillups. Hopefully my local auto parts store will have it, will be swinging by there on the way home from work tomorrow.

So, I'm off to bed with my shawl, to lay down a few more rows and then pass out for a few hours. As usual, I don't look forward with much in the way of anticipation to going to work tomorrow. But I'm too tired now to rant about that so we'll leave it at that.

There's more I could probably write, but I'm just too pooped. If it's important enough, I'll remember it next time I post!


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