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Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Rest of The Story

Gonna try and keep this uncharacteristically short. I'm seriously ready for bed, it's been a long week - but at least it's almost over! As far as the shrug saga goes, though, it IS over. Yeah! I was really beginning to think I was going to be stuck in some kind of an infinite loop where this thing would never get finished.

It's tricky making an article of clothing for someone else, especially with as few fittings as we were able to manage, but it looked good on her and I think it will do what she desired, and look nice too.

I sewed the very last stitch, took a couple of quick pics and then jumped in my car at 8 pm last night for the hour-long ride to her place. She had worked late, and was trying to gather everything and get packed for her 1 pm flight the next day. I wanted pictures, and she was worried about her dress fitting, so we were in agreement to go through a full dress rehearsal of the outfit, the pics of which you see below. The seed bead trim hangs in little loops all the way around the edge of the shrug, as well as on the sleeves, this loose stitching allows for a little bit of stretchability, but not a lot; however, on those areas the stretchiness wasn't as critical since it ruffles outward. So she should have full mobility in it, and a subtle bit of sparkle.

I ended up sewing one small embellishment on it after all (this was the last thing I did). Because of the composition of this little jacket, it's really hard to tell top from bottom! Technically, it would normally not really matter, but because of the special side panels I made (they needed to extend further than I wanted the top and bottom to be), it did. So I sewed a little heart on the collar where it folds back, so she'd have some way to orientate it when she goes to put it on. The symbolism wasn't lost on her either!

She was planning to take her camera, and will try to get some shots of herself in full regalia (hair, makeup and all, which were obviously missing), and eventually there will be the wedding pictures to plunder once the newlyweds get back from their honeymoon.

And already my mind is turning to what crochet mischief I can drive myself nuts with next? That luscious roving keeps calling to me, I started working on separating it tonight and am hoping to sink a hook into it this weekend! I also have several other projects eagerly trying to wave me down, and I really have to start thinking seriously about those - gasp! - Christmas presents that need doing as well. So I suspect I'll be soon happily tearing my hair out and moaning my fate here before too long again! Stay tuned for the next Crochet Nightmare saga! That is, unless my hooks fly unerringly through the yarn and no frogs are in sight... Yeah, right!

Well, this isn't exactly "short", but for me it is!


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