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Friday, October 14, 2005

Special Giftie!

In all the flurry of frantic crocheting and sewing these past several days, I have not had the chance to get the necessary and proper picture taken of a very special gift I received from a dear friend this week. I finally managed to get that done tonight, and am proud to present this lovely handstrung peach pearl necklace and earring set worthy of a daughter of Neptune! Is this not exquisite?!
Image hosted by
The "green" stone is actually aquamarine reflecting the green backing. I tried taking the pic over a purple background, but the green allowed more of the details to show through.

We are to have a lovely day tomorrow (today) with temps in the 70's (okay, so I know the apostraphe is not supposed to be there - but it doesn't look right without it!), and I have an outfit in mind that should work very nicely with this set. I'm wearing it tomorrow!

Many many thanks to my fishy sister! This was the highlight of an otherwise anxious and stress-filled week, the perfect antidote!



  • At 12:47 AM, Anonymous Morgana said…

    Goldie your shrug is just gorgeous. It looks gorgeous with your daughter's dress.
    Next project? Whew, doncha want a break first?
    cheers, Morgana


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