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Sunday, November 06, 2005

And She Scores!

So glad I did that google search today. I FOUND IT!!! K-Mart had my hand creme! Not only that, it was cheaper there than anywhere else! I grabbed two, would have taken all they had (there were about 6 tubes on the shelf), but that's all my budget would allow, especially since I'm massaging it for more yarn purchases (will I ever stop? I can't!)...

So now I am well-stocked in my favorite hand cream, plus I checked out the two new scent lines HG is putting out for the coming holidays, will definitely be wanting to pick those up in the post-season markdown sales. I can't remember exactly what the one was called, it was "Organic..." something, a blend of figs and lavender, which sounds unusual, and it did smell nice. But I definitely went cuckoo over the other one: Wild Honey and boy oh boy did THAT smell dee-liscious! It's a definite must-have!

Went to my local JoAnns to spend my Michaels one-day only 50% off coupon and couldn't resist picking up a gift set of 6 very sparkly-pretty knitting needles! I am such a magpie, lol! But I justified the purchase since I have only a few sets of the things and am definitely planning to learn this winter. The set was $9.99, so it only cost me $5 for them. The package didn't say what sizes they were, but I just opened it up and looked them over. There is a size 6, 7, 11, 13, 15 and 17. Further review of the small number of sets I already had shows I have only one size duplication! Woo Hoo!

Okay, I will discuss yarn, and projects in another installment. For now, I have to get tonight's laundry moving along - in my usual weekend snail's pace, laundry always seems to be relegated to the near end of the two days off! I've managed to select most of the clothes I will be taking on my trip and expect to get that wrapped up by Tuesday night (I'd better!), but there are sure to be many little details escaping my attention which won't make themselves obvious until I'm practically rushing out the door to catch my plane. It would be so nice if I didn't stress myself out like this all the time, but it seems to have become a habit I'm having a hard time breaking. Oh well!


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