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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Dry skin

Thanks to Wendy and Deneen for your comments regarding my flakey skin problem. I did manage to finally get things to calm down last night. Regarding the suggestion to drink lots of water, I figured I'd mention that I practically wear a water bottle around my neck at all times, lol! My skin isn't cracking, though I do still have problems with dry skin despite the heavy water consumption, especially when the weather turns cold - it gets especially bad when I have to close up all the windows and seal myself off from the natural air. If there was any way I could handle it, I would have a window open year-round - being in a closed-up house causes my sinuses to dry up too, making it harder to breathe. I get outside and everything opens up immediately and I feel much more comfortable, albeit cold!

I know what you're gonna say next - and yes, I've tried adding humidity, to the point of having foggy mirrors even, lol! But it doesn't help. Only the outside air does the trick, which can be a tad hard when temps are in the subzero range (it's coming, yikes!). Some folks are allergic to the natural world. I'm just the opposite. I bet if I had a fireplace in this house to stay warm with, I'd have less of a problem.

The other thing that tends to aggravate my dry skin problems is a life-long nervous habit I've had of chewing my cuticles. I just can't help it! It starts with those dang little dry bits of skin that pop up along the edges of my fingernails, which I start picking at automatically, which makes them get bigger, so then I try to bite them off. But that just loosens more skin, which I automatically pick at, then bite, and... The never-ending cycle! I began trying to clip those pieces with a pair of tiny nail scissors, thinking that it would help, maybe stop the cycle from happening. It didn't. Then the lotion comes out, and that helps for all of maybe five minutes, or as long as it takes for my skin to fully absorb the stuff. And then it starts all over again. ::SIGH:: This was what I was suffering from yesterday, and no matter how hard I tried to ignore those stupid little skin flakes, I couldn't. I'd think I was being successful, and then realize that while I was reading an email or otherwise thinking about something else, my traitorous hands were busy picking at the nagging little buggers! Or, I'd be trying to work on my crochet project, and the yarn would unfailingly find those rough parts and snag itself on them.

The best I can do at this point, besides bellyaching about it here, is make sure I'm well-stocked on the best hand lotions I can get. I have one, though, that I absolutely LOVE, but I can't find it anymore, and the tube has been milked for all it's worth! I might be able to get one last squeeze out of it before I have to admit that there is no more to be had out of it. It was a special hand creme that was put out by Coty in their Healing Garden line (one of my favorite personal care set of products). It's called Intensive Hand Creme and I got it from Walgreens back in the spring if I remember correctly, and haven't seen it since. That figures! If anyone reading this has a line on where I could get some more of this wonderful stuff, let me know PLEASE! The best thing I liked about it, besides it's great moisturinzing capability, was it's delicate scent. Most of the intensive hand cremes I've tried tend to be a bit too heavy on the scents, and while I like most of them (somewhat) I'm not always in the mood for heavy florals or even vanilla. This cream has a scent that will complement and blend with pretty much whatever scent you may be wearing at any given time, or it stands on it's own quite nicely without being overpowering. And it was working the best of all the lotions and creams I'd tried. And I think I've pretty much tried them all.

Ooh, just did a google search on it after trying to visit their website directly (and getting a "flash inspector" that did nothing instead). Besides Walgreens, KMart carries this line, and since I have to run out shortly, I may stop by there and see if they have any. Per google, also sells it, so I may be able to get my dry little greedy hands on it! IF they are still producing it - and that is the sixty-four million dollar question.

Okay, so that's all I'm going to say on this topic. It just gets frustrating to have to keep stopping when I'm raring to go on a crochet project to try and get unruly skin under control, so I had to vent. After all, isn't that part of what this blog is about? And it's great to get the feedback too - thanks ladies!

Later, I'll have some more crochet-related stuff to share, but for now I gotta run and get these errands done. At least it's not raining cats and dogs today like it was yesterday!


  • At 9:45 PM, Anonymous Joe said…

    I find pure coconut oil to be wonderfully absorbent and has a very mild fragrance that dissipates upon complete absorption. As long as you give it time to sink in before attempting anything else, it's wonderful. I can send you a small sample if you like.


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