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Saturday, November 05, 2005

I'd rather be crocheting...

Instead, I am wrestling with another flare-up of - gasp! - flakey skin syndrome! It drives me batty, but the skin around my fingernails has this tendency to get thick and flakey, and nothing I do will tame it. I swear I've actually seen bits of skin pop up, just waiting to snag my yarn. And the yarn I'm trying to work with tonight is a lusciously soft, almost roving-like worsted weight wool/cotton blend. The two gravitate to each other like magnets, sigh. So I will go through several sessions of trimming cuticles and thick skin followed by generous slatherings of heavy-duty moisturizing hand lotions, more trimming, more lotion, etc etc until I either get the skin under control or I have no fingers left to trim!

This yarn, though. It's like cotton candy, it's so soft! And what a lovely color, a lightly heathered pastel purple! This is one of the snazzy new JoAnn yarns from their Bellezza Collection (looking online, I see that it is not broken out from their other yarns in the Sensations line, so I can't provide a specific link for all the yarns in this subgroup), a wool/cotton blend called Dolcetto (and wouldn't you know it - it's on sale this week!). I am just in LOVE with all of the yarns in that collection! I've been working very hard at collecting coupons from various sources that I can use to get as much of this yarn as I can for several different projects/gifts. I am making myself a set of fingerless handwarmers from this Dolcetto, using the pattern from Interweave's Crochet edition. I've stitched up the first handwarmer, up to the point where the ends are to be sewn together, and have started on number 2. Once I get the basic pattern done, I have some modifications to add to it, to make these more suitable for my needs. I'll share when they're all done! If I can gather enough money/coupons together, and there is enough inventory on hand, I would also like to collect enough balls to make a poncho or (more likely) capelet and (really dreaming here!) a small lapghan to go with these handwarmers.

Ooh! I see they also have the Canditti on sale too! I am in SERIOUS trouble now! I want to get a truckload of ALL of these yarns!!! What's that you say? Eat? HA! Who needs food when they can have YARN! This is better than any diet I know, lol!

I'll save my Hobby Lobby Yarn Bee rant for another time, but be forewarned! It's coming...

I'm also going to be due for another stash flash series soon, if I keep this up. All that yarn I flashed last summer? I think I've managed to, at minimum, increase it all by a third, maybe half. I won't know for sure until I pull out the newer additions and inventory them. I'm almost afraid to, lol! Maybe if I wait long enough, I'll get enough of it used up so I won't look as insane as I feel over this stashing syndrome I've developed. It's all Crochetville's fault!

Over the past couple of days, I managed to get a whole bunch of yarn wound up that's been needing it in order for me to use it. Most importantly, I got all 4 hanks of my Iris laceweight alpaca yarn wound and ready for action, and I will be starting that project tonight since it will be my travelling project - a Seraphina! I also wound up one hank of the Sunlight lace alpaca, I've decided to try it out on a lacy scarf - as soon as I find the right pattern. I've been wondering if it would lend itself to a filet design? Well, whenever the pattern appears, the yarn is ready!

Speaking of travelling... I will be leaving (very bright and early, groan!) Thursday morning for Dallas Texas, on business. I'll be working at the group registrations booth for the American Heart Association convention through Monday when I'm scheduled to return, arriving home (very) late, and then it's off to (regular) work I go Tuesday morning! This means I will be working nonstop from this Monday all the way through to Friday of next week - and THAT means LOTS of overtime pay! MONEY FOR YARN!!! Send me lots of energy folks, so I can make it through this grueling schedule!

While I'm gone, I should probably be able to make some decent progress with the projects I plan to take, since I will be offline the entire time. Wonder if I will have withdrawals? I don't think I've been offline for more than 24 hours in the last 5 years, possibly longer. Heck, I may even be forced to watch some TV in my hotel room! For all I know, though, I'll be too tired to do anything once I get off work every day - onsite hours typically run to about 12 or more hours a day, there might not be much of me left to do anything but sleep on my off times, lol!

The only part of this trip/job that has me nervous as heck are the early morning hours. I'm terrified I'll oversleep, even though I will be setting up for a wake-up call from the hotel and I'll have the little travel alarm I got for the trip. I am soooo not a morning person! But I'll probably be too nervous to oversleep - which is a good thing, since my days there will be starting at 6 am!

So, my plan is to get my wardrobe ready and packed tomorrow (I will have to find clothes that are business-dressy, yet comfortable enough to wear for these long days, including shoes. I'll be standing and walking a LOT), make sure all the little technical details of my house are in order, replenish Meeps's food (Phil will be coming by to feed her and keep her company, but this is gonna be tough for her. She's never been alone this long in all the years I've had her.), and at least start my seasonal clothes shifting so I'll have a decent selection of warm clothes when I get back home. The temps have been very unseasonably warm here lately, but that is soon to change. For all I know, it could be snowing when I get back from the tropical climes of Texas!

I haven't accomplished much of anything today, alas! As is typical of me on a Saturday, I was too burned out from my workweek to feel ambitious enough to tackle any major projects, so I will be scrambling around tomorrow to get it all crammed into one day. And for the next week, minimum, I MUST work on getting to bed early so I can get enough sleep to be functional. I'm feeling sleepy already!

Well, back to wrestling with my dry skin so I can get some more crocheting done...


  • At 10:48 PM, Blogger Wendy said…

    Is your skin cracking? I would suggest drinking more water. :)

  • At 8:07 AM, Blogger Deneen said…

    My fingers are the same way now. I think it's been from working with so much wool, it seems to suck the moisture out of my hands. Of course, I've been having "fulling" issues, so my hands have been in way too much water lately also. Oh yes, I've been making soap too.

    I use the Neutrogena Swedish Formula. Stuff is gooey, but works somewhat. My hands look like crap though.

    Have a great trip!


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