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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

New Sidebar link - "How to add a Comment"

Well, if it had been left entirely up to me, it probably would have been next year before I got around to it! But Kimberly surprised me the other day with the piece of code I needed to insert into my sidebar so people could find my instructive post on making comments. All I needed to do was figure out where I wanted it and plop that line right into my template! It took a couple of tries before I was satisfied with the placement (and it also reminded me of why I am incessantly dragging my feet over updating this blog - it is a sloooooow process! Until now, I never had that kind of time. I have the time now, but not the necessary concentration. Eventually the two will meet. I hope.). So now the instructions for posting comments to my blog are just a click away, no matter how far down the message drops! Many thanks Kimberly!


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