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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Probably the most important interview you will ever read!

Again, it's way past my bedtime - so what else is new? I have much to post about, but considering the hour (and how long it takes me to write one of my usually lengthy posts), I will have to delay a bit longer. But I just got done reading the interview at this link I'm providing, and considering the fact that there is now legislation being contemplated that would force everyone to take mandatory vaccinations, you need this information.

It's especially critical if you have children.

Don't procrastinate - read it now!

Interview with an ex-vaccine researcher

Please do share this information widely, and consider giving your representative a call and letting them know how you feel about the idea of forced vaccinations.

And if you would like more information about this, or the supposed flu threat our newswires are full of stories about, leave me a comment and I will consider posting more links on these topics here.


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