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Monday, November 07, 2005

Yarny ramblings

One of these days, I will manage to get it together to add some stuff to my blog - links and buttons and other nifty little things like what I see on other people's blogs. When I have time...

Problem isn't so much a lack of time, it's that there are too many things competing for both that time and my attention. Quite often, I end up getting scattered in too many directions trying to squeeze them all in and managing to accomplish exactly nothing! Or near nothing, anyway.

I think I mentioned that I'd managed to wind up a bunch of yarn this past week. Here's a couple of pics of that yarn, all of it raring to go on some project or another, and me with a hook burning in my hand!

Image hosted by
Image hosted by

Now, the two pics are nearly identical, but the glare on the bags was on different locations in each pic, allowing for a better view of ALL the yarn if I posted both of them.

All of the yarn in the bags, except for the rustic orange stuff, as well as the luscious lavender colored yarn in the right foreground are recent additions to my stash. The big bag and the smaller one on the right are all Bellezza Collection Cosetta yarns, the lavender is the Dolcetto. In the bag on the left is my 4 skeins of Lion Brand Landscapes, in 2 colorways. I had bought those originally with the plan of making handwarmers from them, but I may change my mind in which case I will need to get more since there isn't a lot of yardage on the skein with that yarn. I will probably make at least one pair of handwarmers from one of them, but with my modification (I'll get to that shortly), I'll still need at least another skein I think.

The rustic orange yarn is part of my very first order from Knit Picks. I had bought a couple of skeins of Andean Treasure to try out, but I'm still not entirely sure what I'll make from it. Probably a scarf. I might have enough to try it out using the Get the Skinny scarf pattern from Interweave Press, available on this page (scroll down to the bottom, it's the last project there).

Then there is the laceweight yarns, the yellow (Sunlight) had been purchased at the same time as the Andean Treasure, the purple (Iris) was bought this summer. I managed to wind up all 4 hanks of the Iris Baby Alpaca and one of the 3 hanks I have of the Sunlight Baby Alpaca (actually, there is a fourth hank, but it was one of my very first hand-winding efforts, which went terribly wrong. I don't know how much will be salvagable, and haven't had time or patience to find out yet). I'm contemplating a lacy scarf from the Sunlight which, if it turns out well, I will be placing another order with Knit Picks for a variety of laceweights and/or sock weight yarns for gift scarves. Most of my gift recipients live in warmer climes so this would probably be my best choice for gifts, depending on how long it takes me.

The Iris will be a Seraphina. In fact, I started on it today, with the notion of getting at least the first 11 rows done, at which point I will no longer need to refer to the written pattern anymore. But I've, ah, run into a little, uh, snag. Wouldn't you know it? I had completed 5 rows and was working on the 6th when I realized I'd screwed up on 5 (where have I heard this before?!). Sighing, I proceeded to frog my way back to the error spot, but then the yarn snagged - but good, and I haven't been able to pick it loose. Mainly because the lighting is so crappy and so are my eyes. I also realized rather quickly that I have again reached that terrible stage in my monthly cycle known as the dreaded PMS, a time when I am very glad I live alone so no one witnesses my bizarre temper tantrums besides Meeps, and being the good kitty that she is, she keeps it to herself! There is no such word as "patience" in my vocabulary when I am going through this stage, and I get far too frustrated far too easily. It was this silly syndrome, in fact, that got me into this snagging problem in the first place. I know this yarn tends to snag easily, especially if you try to rush when you're frogging, so what did I do? Why, rush, of course! When I am able to muster up enough common sense, I will usually put away the thing that is causing my frustration and try again later. Otherwise I'm likely to do damage that I will later regret.

Of course, the PMS is being enhanced by the fact that it is Sunday night, with my "free" time dwindling rapidly and all kinds of things I still want to do with it. Monday just seems to arrive too quickly! And, to complicate matters even more is the thought of my trip weighing heavily on my mind. I'm trying real hard not to obsess about it, but of course that's not easy for an obsessive person to do. I swear, I'd probably worry about the sky being blue when I'm under this influence!

But anyway, back to the Seraphina. If I can, I will try again before I head for bed, and perhaps I'll manage to get past that snag point so I can move forward with it again. It is going to take me a little getting used to working with such fine yarn again, but I don't expect that to take too long. I am planning on taking it with me on the trip, along with a few other as yet to be determined projects. I've been fighting the urge to fill my suitcase with yarn, lol! It's not like I'm going to have a whole lot of time to crochet when I'm there anyway, but there's no way I'm going to be gone five whole days and NOT bring any yarn to work on! Especially when I'm going crazy with the desire to crochet NOW, not later!

I finished up a scarf earlier this week, just have ends to hide and fringe to add. It will most likely be a gift, so a pic will have to be delayed, at least until I determine whether the chosen recipient wil be someone who could see it here. It turned out pretty nice, and I'm dying to babble about the yarn I used for it. Patience, my dear, patience!

I also got my Dolcetto handwarmers done except for my planned modification. Since it's really hard to take pics of your own hands, I am going to take the handwarmers and my camera to work tomorrow and have my daughter do it. They turned out really nice, and boy are they soft and warm! What I want to do, though, is add a little something onto them, mostly for my right hand (my mouse hand) with the idea of warming my fingers, which get deathly cold in the wintertime. If my planned modification works out the way I have it figured, I will share all the details here, and on the forum as well.

Which reminds me, I keep forgetting to post my finished projects in Show and Tell! I will have to remember to post my Harvest Shawl there, will try and get that done tomorrow night. I'll save the handwarmers until I get the modification done, though.

I've been very busy enhancing my stash, especially the last few months, thanks to the generosity of both JoAnns and Hobby Lobby with the 40% off coupons. I just can't resist the darn things, and I've managed to collect a bunch of fabulous yarns that I otherwise would not have been able to afford. But now it's time I get serious about working this stash down! I have a bazillion projects I'm dying to sink my hook into, and plenty of yarn. Now all I need is the time to work on it! Hopefully I'll have a steady stream of FOs to post here in the coming months...


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