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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Betrayed... my body. It just wouldn't listen to me. I managed to wake up at 8:15, despite the ridiculous lateness of the hour when my head finally found my pillow, and my back found the heating pad. I slept with said heating pad, bolstered by a pillow, pressed to it, and had I not done so, I probably wouldn't have even been able to crawl out of bed this morning. I managed to get my espresso made, and proceeded to eat a bowl of cereal, but then got hit with an attack of nausea that forced me to go lie down - which I feared doing because I just knew it would be hard to stay awake if I did so, and I was right. I drifted off to sleep for another 45 minutes, but it did help as the nausea was gone when I again crawled out of bed.

Complicating my back issues was the other matter I had been (again) struggling with, this being the same one I'd had so much trouble with almost exactly one month ago, to the day. I had been taking otc meds for the last 3 days trying to resolve that problem, and things finally decided to move today. And move they did, veerrrrry sloooowwwlllyyy, and beyond that I will say no more! And, in spite of my hopes that it would, the result did not alleviate my back problem either. If anything, it felt worse afterward, go figure!

It didn't help that I was now feeling extremely anxious as I watched the clock ticking away towards noon as I struggled to get ready! It takes a good hour and a half to make the 75 mile journey to mom's house from here, and she is the kind of person who wants all visiting done and goodbyes given by 4 pm, and if there are plans to go out, she wants to get these done in the late morning/early afternoon. Arriving at her house at noon would be considered late, never mind any time in the afternoon. She is such an early-bird personality that she's in her pj's by 6 pm, day is done! I had been hoping to leave the house by 10:30 or 11 at the latest - and here it was, 11:15 and I still hadn't been able to even get in the shower yet! The more I panicked about the time, the worse my back hurt, too, until finally it had me in tears as I admitted defeat and picked up the phone to call her...

I can't express well enough the level of my frustration and disappointment, though she was gracious about it, and insisted I should not worry and that I shouldn't be driving if I was in pain. But I still feel like I let her down, and I know I let myself down. I had really been looking forward to spending some time with her! Why did my back have to do this NOW? Treacherous body! I haven't had spasms this bad in a good couple of years. And of course, without insurance OR money, there's not a whole lot I can do about it either. I have 3 of those nasty muscle relaxer pills left, and no way to get more (or better).

I am hoping and praying that I will be feeling well enough to make the journey tomorrow. The weather won't be as nice (relatively speaking, today's forecasted weather was the best of the week), but as long as there's no blizzard and/or subzero temps, I can handle it. Oh, and as long the spasms are at least under control, if not gone. I'm hoping they'll be gone.

I did manage to at least get a couple of pics of mom's scarf, so I will share it here. It actually looks pretty nice hanging on the hanger!
Image hosted by

Closeup of the flower band:
Image hosted by

Hopefully the scarf won't be too long for her - mom is only about 4'10" tall and weighs about 80 pounds! It hangs to mid-waist level on me, which is why I'm a bit concerned about the length being too much for her for this style of scarf, but I guess we'll just have to wait and find out. Because of the way I made this scarf (I worked it from the center outward on both sides), it wasn't an easy thing to adjust partway through the project, so I just have to go with what I came up with. I had been forced to frog the first half several times in the process of making it, and anyone who has worked with this yarn knows what a pain it is! But, length concerns aside, I think it turned out pretty nice! This took two balls of the Moonlight Mohair in the colorway "Coral Reef", in my stash thanks to a couple of 40% off coupons. I have 2 each of 3 other colorways of this yarn too, some obtained with 50% coupons, the rest with 40% off. Gotta love those coupons! I am thinking of saving and collecting more balls of at least a couple of the colors for some bigger projects, but at least I've got enough of each to make a scarf, if I want to. I must admit, though, that this yarn makes some fantastic flowers, would like to make more of those!

Well, I'm going to go take that shower - I'm hoping that the hot stream directed at my back will ease up the spasms some - and then I will go park on the couch with my heating pad and my yarn, and watch a movie, and probably nap too. I may go ahead and take one of those Flexerils too, since it's early enough in the day (and I'm obviously not going to be going anywhere now) that I can hopefully be fully recovered from the side effects of it by tomorrow morning, when the spasms will be totally gone (you listening, body?).


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