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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Bloggity blog blog

Okay, so the time seems to be zooming on me. It's typical, for me. I've had my ups and downs, feeling good for awhile, then down and mopey, and withdrawn. Fortunately for me, for the most part the ups have been more than the downs, and I'm managing to make some progress on some long-neglected stuff around here when the energy hits. Only problem is that it often doesn't peak until after dark. Well after dark. I'm trying hard not to turn my schedule inside out, or upside down, or... whatever! But it just doesn't seem to be working all that great. I am not even going to say what time I finally found my pillow last night... uh, this morning - but as far as I'm concerned, it's not "morning" until I go to bed and then wake up. At least it's still morning when I wake up. But all in all, I'm not sleeping all that much.

The only thing I'm not managing to get a lot done on is my crocheting. I'm beginning to have some serious issues with this! I'm driving myself batty over it. I have this huge stash of assorted drool-worthy yarns with all kinds of ambitious plans for it and plenty of patterns to back up the plans - perhaps too many? Well, maybe... I have a short list of Christmas presents to make, or rather should I say gift recipients to make them for. These would be the "immediate family" sort of recipients, those closest to me, although there are others I would like to gift as well. And I can't make up my bleepin' mind what to make that's within reason!

Take my mom, for instance. Last year, I made her a prayer shawl. This year, I've entertained ideas of another shawl (a Seraphina, the one I'm already working on, in fact, though I had originally started it for myself), a lapghan to go with her prayer shawl (concerns about warmth tend to preoccupy me, considering I'm sitting in a chilly house in a frigid town (night-time temps have been averaging in the below zero range, with the daytime temps not much better. Brrr!), a fancy mohair scarf, a doily, a felted bag (it would be my first), even a silly little plastic bag holder/dispenser (only silly from the standpoint of all the other ideas I've been entertaining). The list is almost endless! On the positive side, I know that whatever I make her and regardless how well (or not) it turns out, she will love and cherish it, she's that kind of gal. Which is kind of what is fueling this idea list overload! Quite frankly, if I had the time, I'd make her ALL of these things! But at the rate I'm going, I'm gonna be lucky if I can manage to get just one of them done in time. Sigh...

Well, after a few false starts, I finally settled on the mohair scarf and got it started last night, only to realize that I am going to have frog several rows today because as usual, my edges aren't even. I always have the dickens of a time getting those edges straight at first on a project! But this yarn is a b*tch to frog! I'm using Lion Brand's Moonlight Mohair, which is lovely and glittery but a major PITA when stitches need to be undone. Not impossible, mind you, but difficult - and not for the impatient! Why is it that the uneven edges are so hard to spot until you've gone a distance first? Grrr! But at least I've got a start.

Now, to settle on something for Phil... I'd still like to do a sweater, but I don't have what I would need, yarn-wise for it at this point. I'd like to make it in wool, in at least 2 colors, most likely blue for at least one color choice, if not both. I probably should start by making myself a sweater first, seeing as how I've never made a full-blown sweater yet! Still pondering on this dilemma.

Iris is temporarily on hold for now, until I can make headway on my gift list. I've completed it to 19 shells per side and am currently on row 2 of the next pattern sequence. Once I finish that series, I will take an update photo of it to share. Along with the mohair scarf, I am still contemplating gifting it to mom, though to be honest, it would be hard to give it up - I adore this color!

I was going to work on it the other night after spending much of the day working on my paper purging project (tossed SEVEN stuffed brown grocery sacks of paper and junk mail out to the curb for the recycling truck - progress!), but Meeps had other plans. She's been terribly bored lately, since it's been far too cold to spend much time outdoors and I've been too preoccupied to spend any quality play time with her. I had left Iris spread out against one of the cushions on the couch where I've spent most of my crocheting time. She rarely hangs out on the couch, but ohhh no - not this time! She must have been reading my mind (she's funny that way) because when I went to get my project, there she was, all comfortably curled up on it, grooming herself! When I approached the couch, she gave me this "I dare you!" look. The last thing I wanted was to have her snag the thing while making a quick exit at my prompting, so I just let her be, and proceeded to find something else to do. Bratty little kitty! If she wasn't so cute...

Okay, gonna post this and then go work on that scarf some more. I'm battling the sleepies, only slept a couple of hours because I was so worried that it would be afternoon when I awoke instead of morning (and I really don't want to do that!) that I woke up too early. I do need to get out and run some errands today, if I can find the energy and keep from passing out behind the wheel. And I've been delaying going to Phil's house (or anywhere, truth be told - this cold has me feeling like a bear wanting to hibernate), probably should go there today. In fact, he called a little while ago (after stopping by earlier) and is expecting me for dinner. I think I'll push myself and go get those errands accomplished before I head to his place, and forego the nap, with the hope that I can feel sleepy enough to go to bed at a more "normal" time tonight and get my schedule straightened out. We'll see if I'm successful or not.

Speaking of sluggish, the, uh, health condition I mentioned finally corrected itself, at least for a bit. That happened (as usual, I should have remembered) as soon as "Aunt Flo" showed up, which is usually the case. It's a real see-saw situation, if you catch my drift. And that's all I'm gonna say about that! Thanks for the prayers and good wishes, though - I was feeling particularly miserable this time out, and no longer having that insurance coverage only added to the worry, natch. I just need to remember to stay on top of things, so to speak. I can be such a flake about certain things!

Oh yeah, one more thing. After several days of a super-sluggish internet connection, I discovered this morning that my email was down. It finally came back up about an hour or so ago.

But now it's snowing - sheesh! I'd better get rolling if I'm gonna get out there!

Hope y'all have a nice day!


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