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Friday, December 16, 2005

Crocheting off the deep end...

Okay, well... I've been rather awol for several days now, deeply lost in "Middle Earth". Somebody just may have to come in after me and rescue me, though I must warn: I will probably not cooperate with any such efforts! It has been far too much fun, lol!

After years of resistance to the phenomenon, I finally relented (now that I've got a "home theater" system of my own to enjoy, simple though it may be) and decided to check out the first movie of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. From the beginning, I found myself cast under it's spell, and it has yet to release me! After watching the first movie and all of it's special features (this was the first release edition, not the newer extended version), I just had to get my hands on the second and third. Immediately! I had picked up the first movie at the library but had not seen the others there, and being unemployed, couldn't just rush out to any rental place unless the price and timing were right. Fortuitously, I had just a few days previously received a flyer in the mail from Hollywood Video, where I had an account (though unused for a good couple of years due to being without video equipment) with 2 coupons good for rentals at 99 cents apiece, for FIVE DAYS! And so I went galloping off to the store and came back victoriously clutching the coveted disks in my freezing little hands. The Two Towers movie was also the earlier release version but the final episode in the series, The Return of the King, was the extended edition, with 4 disks for me to watch. All of the disks were badly scarred, alas, and so it was with some trepidation that I placed each into my dvd player, hoping for the best. I was fortunate. Although there were a few bad spots, none of them occurred during the playing of the movies themselves.

I have spent the past week in a Trilogy viewing Orgy! I am now taking a break from the final special feature disk of the last movie, having watched all three of the movies twice, followed by all the extras included with each! Well, except for the commentaries. I have also cunningly convinced Phil, who has never seen them (this not being his usual type of genre), to give me the green light to shop for the
extended set online which he will purchase (if I can find it at a reasonable price), and he will watch it too. He has indicated that it will likely be a birthday present for me, but he does want me to wait until after the holidays, feeling that the price will be less after gift-giving season is over. He is no traditionalist where holidays are concerned. I guess I can wait the three months. Maybe... LOL!

It has been so many years since I read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy (and I never even knew about Sylmarillion - excuse any potential mispelling, doing it from memory here) that there was very little I remembered of the story save for a few bare facts and some of the characters, though I do remember I enjoyed it very much. These books have been placed on my "must read" list now, as well. The movies, and the stories behind them - the special features - totally captivated me, causing me to stand in awe of the cinematic achievement of all who were involved with their making. The attention to detail that was put into these films is absolutely mind-blowing! And I have loved viewing the many personal stories that evolved from the making of the films as well.

I have done little else while I have been so immersed in this fantasyland, but I have been crocheting! I am nearing the end of an afghan I started at the beginning of this little saga, and soon I hope to be able to post a picture of my completed project. This afghan was actually originally intended to be more of a lapghan, to match my Harvest shawl and the Harvest fingerless handwarmers I made with the notion of using the set to keep me warm while I play on my computer in this chilly house, as I have been extremely conservative with the thermostat even during a rather long subzero snap - I have been perpetually dressed almost like a polar bear and, unfortunately, closely resembling one as a result! I've stayed dressed this way even when I burrow under my down comforter to sleep. I move like one too! The slow movements have been forced, actually, both by the necessity of navigating tight passageways through small rooms in a bulked-up body and the lumbering effect that the cold often brings, especially when that bulk makes graceful movement, uhm, rather difficult shall we say? Except for perpetually icy fingertips, I've managed to stay mostly warm (if not fashionable) in a house where temperatures have not been allowed to exceed 65 degrees F - having a couple of small electric heaters has helped, though. I don't know whether all this sacrifice will have resulted in less pain from high heating bills, as I haven't yet received my first one since the furnace has been called on for this season. It won't be long, though, before I find out whether I will have to take even more extreme measures to cover the costs of keeping warm this winter on a severely reduced income. I do hear that there is a HEAP of help to be had, should I require it (with thanks to my friend Terra for the suggestion).

It has helped me to get through this period of cold to think about the people of those long-ago eras (and even the not-so long-ago ones, actually), who did not have the luxury of thermostats and furnaces to heat up a whole house! If they could survive it, I certainly can! It is the same thinking I engaged in through the summer without benefit of air conditioning, even through those hottest of days. Yes, I do have an air conditioner (a window version) but never pulled it out of the box after I saw the previous summer how ONE DAY'S use affected my electric bill. OUCH! Frankly, I'd much rather save that money for more stash enhancements!

At any rate, it may take me a few days to return to present-day Earth, lol! In the meantime, I will continue to try and make progress with the many wips and wims I would like to get done, as I manage to find other movies to catch my interest (though I doubt any will ever capture it as fully and intensely as this trilogy has done). Due in large part to the cold, and in no small measure to a general tendency toward a slow wielding of the hook, I can't say that I will have as much done as I'd like by year's end - and certainly nowhere near the number of Christmas projects as I'd planned - but for me this has been a pretty prolific year, project-wise even if I don't manage to accomplish anything more. I think I have plenty to be proud of, as far as my creative endeavors have gone. And next year will see a definite increase in those completed items, as I have a serious need and desire to start working my stash down to a more manageable level. Many of my planned Christmas projects will, alas, be late, but since they weren't anticipated anyway, it will be a nice surprise even if it is a bit on the tardy side. Better late than never, as they say!

Once I manage to finish rejoining the present, and complete my afghan, I will see about doing a photo shoot which will include, along with my Harvest set, an update on Iris, my Seraphina shawl - which I took a break from for a bit, but will continue sneaking in a few stitches here and there in between the other planned projects - as well as pics of a few other items I have yet to share. But if more than a week passes from this post without this promised photo update, it may be necessary to send out the search party...


  • At 8:35 PM, Anonymous Joe said…

    Glad you liked LOTR! The battle scenes are too long but the Mines of Moria scene and the Lothlorien scene are my favorites.


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