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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Not my favorite time of year

I'm not sure why, but this time of year has always been difficult for me. It's always been a struggle, but I've managed to weather it, somehow. This year, though, it's the worse it's ever been. Depression, which isn't helping, has set in deeply, keeping me immobilized, aided and abetted by the severe cold and my extremely tight financial situation, which forces me to keep the thermostat set so low, I might as well not have the heat on. Almost. Of course, judging by the bill I just received, it doesn't seem like it. Ouch! Talk about adding insult to injury - looking at this bill, you wouldn't think I'd been suffering through this cold snap like I have! I am constantly bundled to the teeth (several layers of clothes, even in bed), even wearing my handwarmers to bed, and I'm still constantly freezing. I've been keeping the thermostat set to a low of 60 and a high of 65, and trying not to use the electric heaters too much since that just jacks up the electric part of my bill, which more than doubled from my last one in spite of my tight control. It's been so cold, you can feel the chill radiating from the windowpanes, even with the storms in place. Of course, this is an old house, rather drafty, which isn't helping. It certainly hasn't been helping the mood, that's for sure.

I know I should be spending time under my S.A.D. light, but it's currently sitting on the kitchen floor because there is no good place to set it up at present. I've had the box for over six years now, and worry that I might be nearing the point where the bulbs may have to be replaced, something which I would have a hard time doing at this time. Of course, that's not a good enough excuse to not be using it, but the lack of a place to park it is, in my mind. And I haven't been feeling properly motivated yet to actually do something about it.

I did manage to get the living room rearranged, enough to get that "entertainment center" (if you'd like to call it that) set up, and got enough of my unruly possessions somewhat organized and under control that, while the room is far from completed, I can comfortably spend time in there. Well, maybe not so comfortably - it's still cold as Siberia in there. And the lighting still leaves a lot to be desired, especially for crocheting by. I've also discovered that I have to be careful how many things I have on and running at the same time in there, blew a fuse the other day when I had my plant lights on while running my little electric heater (those things really suck a lot of power!). I did take a couple of "before" shots of the room when I started that massive project, but will save those to be posted with the "after" shots to be taken once I finally finish setting the room up the way I want it. Which will probably be a while, unless we get a good warm spell.

No matter what I do to try and stay warm, I am constantly cold, so much so that it is hard to do much of anything. My hands are the worst, the only area of my body that I can't keep covered and still actually do anything. It has made it hard especially to crochet, and the depression only adds to the problem. It frustrates and angers me to have so much yarn lying around and not seem to be able to actually do anything with it except look at it.

But there is a little light at the end of my tunnel. I have some money available I plan to tap into, though it won't be until after the new year arrives. It will ease things a bit, as long as I don't get nuts with it. Lifting my worries a bit will definitely help, and maybe release me toward thinking about future plans with a bit more gusto than I can manage right now.

In spite of the difficulties, I did manage to get some crocheting done, though. There's the afghan I made to go with my Homespun Harvest shawl, which I made while plowing my way through the Lord of the Rings trilogy; and the matching handwarmers - at least I'm stylish while trying to stay warm! I will post pics of these in a seperate entry. Yesterday, after a few false starts - and once I located the hook, which decided to play hide-and-go-seek with me for a bit - I managed to complete my second snowflake, started over a month and a half ago! As of now, my snowflake count is up to a grand total of 4 completed ones! Well, excepting blocking, which I can tell is gonna be a bear. I will have to find and verify that my pins are, for certain, of the non-rusting variety. Then I have to come up with a clever place to pin them to. Oh yes, and there's still those infernal tails to hide. Did I say they were done? Never mind! Pics will be posted once they are, whenever that might be.

I'd had all kinds of grand plans for Christmas presents this year, but didn't get anywhere near reaching those goals. It's not like I had a huge list of recipients for which gifts are a must (it stands at a grand total of 3 this year, with a larger secondary list of folks I would have liked to gift - and still intend to even though it won't be for this holiday), but I have found myself waffling back and forth on what to do, what was feasible for me to actually do (did I have the materials on hand? was it a project that could be accomplished in time? would it be something they'd like and use?), and thanks to my other difficulties, it seems like I haven't been able to do much at all. I had already made the Angel Hair scarf for dd months ago, but had been hoping to have something else to go with it. She's a difficult one to make things for, however, as her taste is extremely conservative - she doesn't like things that will draw attention to her, or which have the potential to be unflattering. I find myself at a loss when it comes to selecting things to make for her, at least from my current stash and supplies. Perhaps if I can get this energy unstuck, I will be able to make it up to her by her birthday. That gives me until around Valentine's Day.

I have had even more trouble deciding on something for mom, finally settling on - yawn - yet another scarf, this one made from Moonlight Mohair. I totally winged it with this one, trying to go for a ruffled look and not so sure I was successful with it. It's just not draping the way I wanted it to, and I'm worried I made it too long for the style I was trying to achieve - she's about 4 foot 10, so a five foot scarf would be far too much for such a tiny frame. While this one is nowhere near five feet long, it's still longer than I think it should be, but it's too late now to redo - and I frogged far too much already to even think of having another go. I'd be better off scrapping it and starting over. Still, it probably doesn't look that bad, I'm just being too picky as usual. I'll get a pic for posting taken before it gets wrapped for giving. I made a flower out of what was left over, and am contemplating adding a band of some kind that can be wrapped around the scarf (rather than tying it together), which would help with the ruffling, but I need for it to have a super-easy kind of closure. A button would probably be too heavy, and I don't want any pins, nor do I want to tie it. Maybe if I can fashion some kind of a buttony knot at one end of the band which the other end could be slipped over, behind the scarf and with the flower on the front... I have very little yarn left for this little feat, hope I can manage to fashion something that will work and not be too clumsy to use.

At any rate, I would have liked to have had more than just the scarf for her, too. I've had tons of ideas, but none of them are of the type that could be accomplished in just a couple of days, especially as slow as I've been moving. Again, it looks like I will be shooting for her birthday for anything bigger. So, between mom and daughter, I have two things to come up with in about 6 weeks. I'd better pull out of this funk soon, so I can get to it!

The third person on my list is Phil, and again I'll be looking to try to get his gift done by his birthday - which is a month away. But I won't even be able to start on his gift until I get that cash infusion next month, as I just don't have the yarn on hand that I need to make it. I'm also being rather ambitious with this plan, which is to make him a sweater! Seeing as how it would be my first full-blown sweater, what could possibly go wrong?

Well, Miss Meeps is on my case yet again - she has been bugging me like clockwork nearly around the clock to come play with her, sigh! You know it's cold when she shows absolutely NO interest in going outside at ALL! Which is the way it's been for most of the past month. And this kitty will not be ignored! Here is a pic of her taking it to the extreme with trying to get my attention while I'm on the computer:

Image hosted by

Just TRY to use that mouse while she's sitting on the mousepad, lol! And on your hand, over the mouse. Is that a Morris Look, or what? Of course, it does keep my hand warm when she's parked there, hmmm...

Okay, I could go on and on, chattering about nothing forever here, but since I actually feel like crocheting tonight - and it's not too cold right now - I'd rather go do that, so I will get this posted, along with those promised shots of my completed stuff, few though they might be. The update shot of my Iris seraphina will have to wait, though, as I've yet to take the pic. It hasn't grown all that spectacularly from the last shot anyway, so no big deal.


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