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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Snowy night...

As is typical of me, I stay cooped up in my little hidey-hole of a home until we have a snow storm. Then I decide to go out...

Honestly, though, I hadn't planned it that way! It's just the way it worked out. Besides, this wasn't supposed to be a snowstorm - the original forecast was for 1 to 2 inch accumulations total throughout the afternoon and evening, then it was supposed to stop. Yeah, uh huh! At least the temps have risen to less painful levels, finally!

I had put off going to Phil's all week so far. He wanted to feed me (and who am I to argue with that?) and I am down to my "lazy" food, as I like to call it. You know, open a can (or pouch, as the case may be for some of it), dump it in a bowl, heat and eat. My favorite kind! After years of cooking big meals for a family and now being down to just myself, I just don't feel a lot of incentive for dirtying a lot of dishes and preparing big meals. Besides, I hate to cook (probably all those years slaving away in the kitchen is my reckoning). And Phil LOVES to. He also tends to go waaay overboard on his quantities when he cooks, making enough to comfortably feed 10 to 20 people, so there are always lots of leftovers. LOTS. He's a good cook, makes lots of good healthy food with plenty of vegetables, interesting seasonings and no salt (due to his HBP and CHF conditions, it's a requirement for him, and not bad for me either). With a Cancer midheaven, he's a natural at these things, which is fine by me! But still I put off going there because I'm still in that "I don't want to leave my house" phase. Today, I agreed to go - and it snowed.

Dinner was a knockout: stuffed pork chops baked in the oven, with baked potatoes and a fresh vegetable medley steamed in garlic and lemon juice, with a light topping of cheddar cheese. By dinner's end, the pork chops weren't the only things that were stuffed! We never made it to dessert, a pear cobbler he had whipped together yesterday. But I have a generous portion of that in my doggy bag, which included half my dinner - it doesn't take much to stuff me! - and a large container of turkey vegetable soup he'd made over the weekend, enough for about 5 meals for me and representing about 1/3 of what he'd made.

I couldn't quite make it all the way through the movie he put on for our enjoyment, even though I worked on my mohair scarf while watching it. Since I'd skipped the nap and have been running on about 3 hours of sleep today, it got hard to keep my eyes open. I will have to catch it another time, when I'm a little less loopy. Besides, this flick demands that you be alert enough to absorb it, it's heavy on dialog of the philosophical and psychological kind, even though it's an animation. I'm sure he probably told me everything there is to know about this movie before, but that kind of information tends to go in one ear and out the other with most of them, not that I'm not interested. I'm just not interested to his level of obsession. The movie is called Waking Life.

So, we packed up all my goodies and I went to my car - to find it completely covered in a couple of inches of snow. Since it was snowing when I'd left the house, I'd had the foresight to make sure I had my snow brush in the car, but a broom would have been much better. As fast as I would get a section of the car cleared, by the time I was done with the next section, the first would be so heavily coated I'd have to start all over again! And, despite my preparedness in having that crucial implement in my car, that preparedness had not extended to my choice of wardrobe, particularly footwear for snowy weather! The snow on the ground was already about ankle deep, and around the front of the car, had I stepped into it, I would have been in up to mid-calf! My efforts at totally clearing the car of snow were futile, so I jumped in and got going. Verrrry slooooowly. Driving conditions were somewhat on the hazardous side, with the snow falling too fast for the snow plows to keep up, leaving the roads very slippery, and visibility was almost non-existent. But I made it safely home, and am now contemplating the snow shoveling job ahead of me tomorrow.

Thanks to the lack of sleep last night, and the wise refraining from a nap this afternoon, I think I will be able to fall asleep at a "normal" time tonight (knock wood). I could almost go now, I'm so tired, but I need and want to work on the mohair scarf, especially when I realized that I have to frog and redo what I did while watching that movie. It isn't quite the way I want it to be. Next time, I will rethink the wisdom of attempting a "make it up as you go" project in this yarn! It's just not suited to this kind of pattern.

Okay, the fuel gauge on this "tank" is getting dangerously low, and I also have to contend with my bored kitty again. I will probably regret this, but after playing with her peekaboo box and the streamer stick for awhile, I finally dug up and changed the long-dead batteries on her favorite toy of all time - the laser light. I managed to wear her out after about 5 minutes of chasing that light throughout the living room and hallway before coming here to write this up. But she seems to have recovered, as she is here pestering me for another session already! She will not leave me alone unless I play with her with that light for about 5 minutes every half hour or so, until she's thoroughly wiped out. This is why I was in no hurry to replace those dead batteries! Ah well, we'll manage to get through this, somehow.

Okay, that mohair is calling me!


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