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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Well, Glory Halelujah!

After whining about the extreme cold yesterday (which truly has been horrendous, especially when you fear to heat your house to more comfortable levels due to the cost), I woke up this morning to an unaccustomed feeling - being hot and sweaty! Just checked the temperature at my favorite weather site ( - beware their photo galleries, you can lose lots of time there!) and we are at a balmy 29 with a high predicted to go to 36! Now I know that doesn't sound all that warm, lol, but after virtual subzero temps for a month straight, let me tell you it practically feels like bikini weather!

Granted, it's still pretty cold (my furnace just kicked on to remind me), but compared to the way I've been feeling upon rising every day for the last month, I feel like I might even be able to get a few things accomplished today - I feel like I can move again. Even the horrid tendonitis (at least that's what I think it is, though it has not been confirmed by a doctor) in my right elbow isn't hurting, something to truly be grateful for as it has made it pretty painful to crochet for awhile now - perhaps one reason I haven't done as much as I wanted, even though I was refusing to let it stop me completely. Whatever the problem is with my elbow, it is definitely weather related, or at least is aggravated by the cold. It didn't bother me all summer long and didn't start until the temps dropped below the freezing mark. I had forgotten all about it, the problem that had plagued me all last winter, until that happened, and it's been much worse this year. Sucks getting old! Oh well.

I got the band made for the flower embellishment for mom's scarf done last night, but was stumped on the "nubby" part to hook it to and ended up spending the rest of the night browsing through my pattern books for ideas, drooling (yet again) over many patterns, and finally ran across instructions for making a crocheted button that I think might work, but it was too late (and I was too tired and, yes, chilled) to give it a go by that point, so that is first on my agenda this morning (or afternoon, depending on how long I allow myself to spend on the computer). Hopefully it will work, and I can be done with this project, as I am hoping to go visit her either tomorrow or Saturday. So I should have a picture to post tonight.

Amazing what a mood lift it was to actually wake up sweating this morning, lol! I'm almost feeling human again. Glory Halelujah indeed!


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