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Friday, January 13, 2006

Ay Yi Yi!!!

I amaze myself, I really do! I cannot believe the propensity I have for screwing up with every dang project I touch!

I finally decided the other night that it was time to save my hair - and what remained of my sanity - by setting the Cosetta shrug project aside for awhile and moving on to something else. Yes, I had caught myself up from the last frogging session. Yes, I have to frog it all AGAIN! That's what comes from working without a pattern, though, goes with the territory - it's all trial and error after all, but I seem to be more prone to error in my trials with this thing. Best to just let it cool for awhile. I haven't buried it, it's still sitting out, just taking a break while I dive into something else I've been itching (severely) to do - make a doily.

Searching my faulty memory databanks, I don't recall ever having successfully made a doily in the past. I know I've always wanted to, and I do remember diving into a project once, an oval dresser scarf. I don't think I got very far with it, however, as I had much to learn about working in rounds and such. All I remember is that my oval took on the shape of a canoe, lol! Beyond that, I don't recall.

I did successfully make a small handful of snowflakes recently - though they have yet to have tails woven in and be blocked (finally picked up the pins the other day, still have to come up with a decent blocking surface). I've also been picking up some doily pattern books here and there, on sale and with those nifty little 40 to 50% coupons, as well as browsing the pattern books at Hobby Lobby, which have continued to be on sale for 50% off. Naturally, I am drawn to the most complex of the doily patterns out there, fool that I am! Who am I kidding when I think I can tackle one of these advanced projects as my first? Ha Ha! I MUST be nuts!

I actually did have the nerve to try and start one of these little marvels but didn't get too far. At the time, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't stay focused on it long enough to even run into trouble with it! I got 2 rounds done, and there it sits. I think I also came to my senses, somewhat, in realizing that I was about to bite off more than I could chew with it. So I went hunting for something a bit simpler for my first ever effort. I found a nice pattern book, at half off, at Hobby Lobby earlier this week - A Year of Doilies #5, and picked one out that didn't look like it would be that hard. With Cosetta relegated to the sidelines temporarily, I got started on it the other night.

It took me awhile to get used to the tiny hook - a #7, with which I seem to have the talent of using to split the #10 thread I'm working with! Not to mention losing my loops on a regular basis and being forced to start my stitches all over again as a result. But I slowly got the hang of it and was rolling along nicely. As of last night, I was almost finished with round 8, and my doily was looking mighty nice indeedy! I was excited!

I stopped a few stitches shy of the end of the round, having become insecure about whether I'd made any mistakes in the round or not - I had been working on it while watching a movie (Shakespeare In Love - LOVE it!), and I wanted to review my work and make sure I'd gotten the right number of chains in the right places before continuing. After a short review a few moments ago, which assured me I'd worked the entire round without error, I decided to continue for a little bit before getting ready to leave the house on some appointed round of important errands.

Bad idea! Having just slurped down a large cup of espresso to help me wake up, it wasn't long before the jitters it caused created a HUGE problem with my stitching. I had finished off round 8 and joined to begin round 9, and was in the process of performing a couple of slip stitches to start the new round as indicated in my pattern when - horror of horrors! - I split my thread. Again! Only this time it was the worst it's ever been, as I hadn't noticed I didn't have the whole thread on my hook as I attempted to pull the slip through. The thread caught, and stupidly I tugged on it a bit harder, which only served to distort the thread and knot the stitch into place! I had to get under a real bright light with my magnifier and a needle to get it unstuck, but it caused the strands to tear... CRAP!!! So now I will have to cut the thread, rip back several stitches and rejoin (with resultant hated tails to hide) in order to continue with this project! I feel like a crappy King Midas with my crafting efforts lately - instead of everything I touch turning to gold (for good or not), it keeps turning to crap! Sigh...

If I wasn't so damned stubborn, I would have given up a long time ago! But I honestly truly do wish things would go a little smoother at least once in awhile!

Okay, now that I got that uber-whine out of my system, on to happier things. First off, the much anticipated, and sorely needed, check finally showed up today, so the first item on my agenda this afternoon is to fly to the bank and get that puppy deposited. When I wasn't tearing my hair out over my project woes, I was spending much time browsing catalogs and websites, trying to make up my mind what to get for my swap partner for the Winter Wool swap, as well as some yarny choices for my planned gift projects (sweater for Phil being the most prominent on the list). I think I've spent a fortune on wool in my mind a dozen times over this past few days, lol! Best to get it out of my system before I do the actual shopping, so I don't go overboard! I will say, it's been fun letting my imagination run wild with me, picturing myself buried in a mountain of wool, tee hee! I would never have allowed myself that luxury if I hadn't had the ability to indulge a small part of it, though. I've always hated "window shopping" when I have no money to spend. Knowing I can have at least a little of what I want makes it less of a torture - otherwise I tend to break out in a rash from all that drooling!

Hmmm, I have another (super) happy thing to report, but I'd rather not bury it in this lengthy post. I will make it a separate entry, to give it the full attention it deserves! But since I have run out of time - I have an appointment in a few hours, and several stops to make on the way - I will have to save it for my return. For now, I will just post this, and then get my snaily heinie moving. Even when I have places to go and things to do that I look forward to, I find it hard to push myself out the door - dang this stupid agoraphobia! So I must stop using this as my method of procrastinating. More news later!

Oh - note to self: remember to update profile, silly!

BTW - thanks for your comment Regina, and I can hardly wait for that jellyfish pattern! You rock!


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