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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Four Things...

Okay, I know I'm supposed to be getting ready to leave on my errands, but figured I'd toss this one out too before I go. This was the result of some of my browsings on my bloglines (which, as with everything else, I'm hopelessly behind on, but I digress...). I wrote this up and drafted it early this morning.

Spotted this meme on Cordelia's blog and decided to give it a spin, since for once I could actually think of answers to most of the questions without straining my brain!

Four Jobs You Have Had In Your Life
1. Babysitter
2. Nurse's Aide
3. Partner in P.I. agency (now those were some interesting times!)
4. Accounts Payable

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over
1. Creator
2. The Spitfire Grill
3. Any Cirque Du Soleil video (I own 3 - magical!)
4. K-PAX

Four Places You Have Lived
1. Chicago, IL
2. Palatine, IL
3. McHenry, IL
4. Kenosha, WI

Four TV Shows You Love(d) to Watch
1. X-files
2. Dr. Who (particularly the Tom Baker era)
3. Any of the Star Trek series
4. Murphy Brown
(haven't watched regular TV in over 6 years)

Four Places You Have Been on Vacation
1. New Orleans/Baton Rouge (my heart aches)
2. Sedona, AZ (my Love lies sleeping)
3. WI (lots of camping, before I moved here)
4. IN (had a summer trailer there, place of best times in first marriage)

Four Places You Want to Visit
1. Peru
2. Mexico
3. British Isles
4. Italy

Four Websites You Visit Daily
1. Bloglines (doesn't seem to help though - I'm hopelessly behind, as already mentioned above)
2. C'ville (usually, except when I'm short on time - I can lose whole days here, and have)
3. Weather Underground (as much for the pics as the weather reports, which you can set for your specific location and then save link - here's my pic for today)
4. Information Clearing House & Truthout (a tie - my primary sources for alternative news)

Four of Your Favorite Foods
1. Kemps Denali Double Fudge Moose Tracks (must. not. run. out of it!)
2. Rotini pasta slathered in slow-cooked (as in minimum 12 hours) from scratch spaghetti sauce with homemade HOT Italian Sausage chunks
3. Phil's "Chicken Iguana" (chicken breast chunks stir-fried with every vegetable that didn't escape, lightly coated in a creamy alfredo sauce over pasta - yum!)
4. Fresh baked whole grain bread, spread with melted real butter (salted, please!)

Four Things Currently on the Floor in Your Car
1. Ashes (blush)
2. Big quartz crystal cluster (on the hump between driver and passenger side - it's my guardian)
3. Towels
4. Snow/Ice scraper/brush (this is the Midwest, after all)

Like Cordelia, I tag no one. I hate putting people on the spot. If you feel so moved, go for it.


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