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Friday, January 06, 2006

Latest completed projects

I'm not sure why I was so scared of that reverse sc row - once I managed to adjust enough to stop snagging split threads on my yarn (which plagued me through the entire project, to be honest), I zipped through that last round on this hat! I do like the result it gives as far as texture and a nicely finished looking edge, too. Got the tails woven in, and it was ready for it's photo-op. Herewith is Phil's (tardy, obviously) Christmas present, the Men's Thick Warm Crocheted Winter Hat (pdf), from the free pattern provided by Etaria (website named Crochet Garden). I'm happy to say that the pattern was well-written and easy to follow, and even though this hat was filled with first experiences for me, it turned out spectacularly well! I feel fairly confident that it will fit him, it fits my head with a little bit of room to spare, and is stretchy enough to accommodate a more manly sized noggin without being too snug. Watcha think?

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I made this hat using worsted weight Wool-ease in the color Blue Mist (love love LOVE that colorway!), it took all of 1 and a small part of a second skein to complete this project. This was my first time working crocheted cables as well as fp/bp ribbing in addition to the afore-mentioned reverse sc. Except for the yarn's tendency to split, I had virtually no problems executing the stitches once I learned to hang onto the loops on my hook - primarily when doing the bp dc stitches, as my yo had a tendency to sneak off the hook by the time I'd drawn the new loop through and around the post! I'm still a tad mystified how it was able to do that, sneaky little houdini-yarn!

And here is the Light and Lacy Stole (pattern by Dot) I made as an additional giftie for my mom, because I just didn't feel the mohair scarf was a big enough present for her. Two pics here, showing it opened in shawl fashion and gathered in scarf fashion.

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This one, while not difficult per se, was a bit frustrating for me, and I've determined that if I make this pattern again, I will do a few things differently. It took me far longer to make this than it really should have, and that was mainly because I found it so hard to work with the fine baby-weight yarn (I used TLC Baby in Powder Blue Sparkle. As with the hat, this took all of 1 and a very small amount of a second skein.) with such a big hook (pattern calls for a K size) - my stitches kept coming out rather sloppy looking, too loopy. I'm a loose crocheter to begin with, and this mismatch between the yarn weight and the size hook only served to make things worse for me. I had started this with a plastic hook and had such a hard time that I finally decided to try my trusty aluminum, which greatly improved the look of my stitches, so I had to frog it and start all over. But it's still rather loosey-goosey, too much so for my tastes. Part of it, in addition to the larger stitching, is the type of stitches that form this pattern, with strips of ch 5 netting separated by clusters of dc, making this very stretchy at any size, so it all combines to make a very light - and fragile, imo - fabric. I'm hoping that mom won't be afraid to use it because of this, but I fear she might. I will say, though, that it is very pretty!

I did make one very silly glaring (to me) error - I forgot to do the last round as specified in the pattern, and didn't realize it until I'd already cut the yarn and woven in the tails, lol! Fortunately, I think the shawl isn't spoiled by the lack of that missing round of slip stitches - which I may have forgotten accidently on purpose, since the slip stitch is one of my least favorite crochet stitches to do, it's too much of a struggle to keep from wrapping the yarn and I have a harder time pulling the hook through without it!

My next one will be made with a hook more suited to the thickness of the yarn, and I will just have to increase my starting chain in order to achieve the length. I had shortened the chain on this project anyway, since mom is only about 4'10" and I didn't want the shawl practically dragging on the ground in front of her tiny frame, lol! So I dropped 3 pattern repeats to shorten it to a finished 60 inch length. I started this the day after Christmas and didn't complete it until New Year's Day - granted, I wasn't crocheting on it around the clock (and I was alternating working on it with the hat above), but I felt like I should have been able to finish this much faster than I did. I mean, I know I'm slow, but really! And I no longer have "lack of time" as my excuse, at least not for awhile.

Still, I think it turned out cute. I'm thinking of trying this pattern out (with requisite smaller hook) with some sportweight cotton yarn I have.


  • At 9:50 AM, Blogger DAWN said…

    I love the Blue Mist color by wool-ease, it's one of my favorites. Your hat turned out great. You've completed two projects that I've liked (but not done). Dot's stole/scarf is gorgeous. You're mom will love it.
    ~ DAWN

  • At 12:08 AM, Blogger Mimi said…

    Nice projects! Now I want to make one of Etaria's hats too ;)


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