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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Lovely evening!

Once again, I find myself lost in futility, trying to catch up on things online, but this is now a good thing, imo. It means that I am not spending as much time in compulsive-driven activities, but I do wish I could report that it also means I'm getting loads of my "to-do" stuff done as well. A quick perusal of the messy space I call home tells me this is not the case, though I do take heart from the fact that some progress has been made. More is surely to follow! So I will allow myself to get backed up with my blog, and reading other people's blogs, with hanging out at Crochetville and with reading and writing emails. Hopefully, my friends will understand!

I spent a good amount of time online still, however, over the past few days. Shopping! I'm sure things would have gone much more quickly if I didn't have the old "resolving host" issue slowing me down, often to the screaming point, but beyond that, I spent a great deal of time browsing several different sources of good yarn, looking to put a knock-out package together for my Winter Wool swap partner, Dawn - without spending a fortune doing it. I know I could have just ordered it all from Knit Picks, their prices are so excellent that it's not hard to put together a package that includes multiple balls of woolly goodness - but I wanted to provide a real variety. I'm happy to report that I think I have succeeded, but won't know for certain until the packages arrive, hopefully quickly! I can hardly wait to put this package together and send it off to her, and I'm already imagining her squeals of delight when she receives it. Pretty confident of me, eh? Lol!

I spent a wonderful evening with Isis tonight. She treated me to a movie that I've been wanting to see on the big screen - the latest Harry Potter. It was my first ever experience watching a movie at an IMax theater too! I enjoyed it very much, even if my butt did start getting numb and sore a little over halfway through - but I took no breaks, didn't want to miss a single moment of it. Very impressive! Now I'm wondering, how soon until #5 comes out? I'm also going to have to find a way to set aside the day and a half I will need to read #6, which has been sitting next to my yarn for a few weeks now, taunting me. But the yarn has been taunting me louder, so thus far I was able to resist Harry's call. Since I know I cannot read a book like this with lots of breaks (once I crack that cover, I'm gone until the last page is turned), I have to know I won't be neglecting anything important while I'm lost in Hogwarts! For the same reason, I've been doing my best to ignore the new(er) Dean Koontz books that I know are out there (Phil even notified me of one he saw at the library not long ago), as well as several other books I would love to dive between the covers of.

There's been another reason I've been resisting picking up all these good books, though - my inability to concentrate. But I'm beginning to feel like it's returning, so now may be the time for me to find out. Harry gets to be first in line!

In other news, my computer is acting squirrelly again, reminding me that procrastinating on getting those maintenance tasks done isn't helping. Last time it gave me a scare, I managed to back up a bunch (though by no means all) of the files that were important to me. I need to do that again, hopefully scooping up new stuff as well as the previously skipped stuff - and then get to it with the maintenance. Usually by the time I'm finished with the backing up, I'm too pooped to continue with the rest of it, but I must not let that stop me this time, and hopefully the back-up tasks won't take as long since there are less files to save.

Because of my computer's squirrelly behavior, I was unable to get it to recognize my camera yesterday and thus couldn't retrieve a couple of pictures I'd taken to share. I checked a little while ago, and everything appears to be working just fine now, so I will share those pictures separately. Coming right up!

Once I get those pics posted, I'm gonna try and catch up a little bit at the "Ville, then it's off to crochet myself to sleep. I was too busy all day to get a chance to work a single stitch, can't have that! But I had a good excuse, for once.


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