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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Misc Saturday Meanderings

Last night, I got so drowsy around 11 or so that I actually went off to bed before midnight, a rare and unusual event for me. I had forgotten to mention this, but the same thing happened to me on New Year's Eve (Happy 2006, btw!) and was in bed by 11:30 (on NY it was closer to 11). Both times, it was with the hope that I would actually just sleep straight through until morning and actually get more than 4 or 5 hours of sleep on something resembling a normal sleeping schedule. No chance!

My daughter, who was in Seattle visiting a friend, called me shortly after midnight to wish me a happy. She has always called me on New Years, but I had kind of been hoping that she would be too busy partying with her friends to follow the tradition. Oh well! Still, it was nice to talk to her and to exchange the usual holiday greeting. I LOVE hearing from my little chatterbox!

Even though our conversation was brief, I was not able to go back to sleep once I was awakened, until nearly dawn. Sigh. Last night, I managed to get in a good solid 3 hours before I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. It was dawn again before I finally made it back to dreamland, and I got another 3 hours in before waking up again. No worries about sleeping past noon today! I may have to indulge myself with a nap shortly, just so I can try to capture enough sleep to make up for the shortfalls. I'm feeling mighty sleepy right now, as a matter of fact. At this point, naps don't affect my sleep/wake cycle at all. So I'd be better off taking the naps than not, at least I'd be less likely to be chronically tired, which would be nice.

I probably should use my S.A.D. light for awhile today, it's been so gray and gloomy all day that a dose of full spectrum light would help, I'm sure. But sometimes I'm just not up to having the equivalent of the sun shining directly in my face - in order for it to work properly, you have to sit within about 2 feet of the box and have it directed at you from the front, rather than behind you, which would work better for crocheting, especially if I'm working with a dark yarn.
(this link shows an example box - not the same as mine but similar - and explains a bit about the condition and treatment. I am providing it only for informational purposes, not as a recommendation. You should do your own research if interested.) It also helps if you use it regularly, which I haven't done this year. I just decided I may as well turn it on now while I'm writing this, maybe I'll even do some crocheting under it for awhile. I'd rather have it in the living room, but there's no place to set it up in there - it is a pretty big box, with a stand that puts it at an angle, different from the one shown in the example weblink I gave above. I will admit, I respond pretty well to it, though - already the drowsies I was feeling have dissipated! Silly me, I should use the tools I've got to help me out here, wonder why I sometimes resist?

Okay, enough of that rambling chatter and on to some other! Good news: my mail carrier showed up EARLY today, before noon in fact! BAD news: the check was NOT in the mail! CRAP! This is the first time that check has been late, go figure, when I need it so badly. If it does not show up Monday, I will be on the horn with the Unemployment office, and then the post office. I suspect the culprit is local, I've been seeing some new faces behind the blue uniforms lately, no doubt my regular carriers have both been out due to holidays. New faces often means misdelivered mail. But you would think an envelope from the Unemployment office would receive more careful attention, if not by the carrier, then by the (possible) person who may have received it by mistake. These are all big assumptions, of course. I won't have a clue until Monday, though. This would be scary if I didn't have that other check coming next week.

In the meantime, I'm sitting here still with my piddly bank balance and pocket fuzz, and a phone bill that MUST be paid Monday. Fortunately, I have Phil, who just happened to stop by around 12:30, and when I cried about my troubles to him, lent me what I needed to get that all-important bill paid and have a few dollars to cover expenses until Monday. This is in addition to the money he lent me earlier in the week to stretch me until today. Whichever check arrives first, I will be repaying him pronto. He's such a good friend!

While he was here playing his "knight in shining armor" role, I gave him his hat. It fits, looks good on him and, most importantly, he likes it! But he did say he hoped he wouldn't need to wear it much, lol! As long as the weather holds like it's been since just before Christmas, he may get his wish, but if not, at least he's covered. Literally. It is definitely a warm hat, and pretty handsome if I may be so bold as to say. Thanks, Etaria, both for designing it and offering it for free!

Well, I think I will try to get some crocheting done (if Meeps will let me - I'm getting the "let's play" pestering routine again) before it's time to start getting ready to head to Phil's for a yummy dinner and a movie. Tonight's menu includes my all-time favorite, "Chicken Iguana" a delish chicken and fresh vegetable stir fry in a creamy alfredo sauce that Phil (aka "Iguana") is famous for. And, since he always makes enough for an army, I'll be bringing a doggy bag or two (or rather, a tupperware wannabe container. Or two. Or more...). We'll both be eating Iguana for the next week, lol! Which is fine by me, I LOVE the stuff.

Well, Meeps finally gave up hope of coaxing me into that play session right now and opted for a jaunt to the garage to see if any mice want to come out and play, *smirk*. In the meantime, Phil called to announce that the only tomatoes he found in his fridge were "from the 12th century" and would I pick up about 4 or 5 plum tomatoes on my way over there later. He had picked up all the rest of the ingredients,
including the chicken, fresh this morning so there's no worries on the antique nature of those, lol!

LOL! Just got another call from Phil with another request, one I should have anticipated, knowing the style of his cooking. Would I bring my 12 quart stockpot when I come? His largest is an 8 quart, and it's not big enough!

How very interesting... Shortly after I got up this morning, as I was going through my usual stretch and yawn routine, I felt a bit of a "snap" and an immediate tightening in my neck. Great! I rushed and put some of my back liniment on it, hoping that what worked so well for the lower back would also work for the neck. I also pulled out my neck comfortpack, which I haven't needed in a long while, heated that puppy up in the micro and slapped it on, and kept my fingers crossed. But still, the muscles were tight, and I could feel the tension traveling down my spine to between my shoulder blades. And my throat started to ache, way back around theend of the nasal passage, in my sinuses. A nice little tension headache accompanied all of this, and my heart sank. I just got over the back pain a few days ago, now this - why???

It's been bothering me all afternoon, liniment and heatpack notwithstanding. But about 15 minutes into the session with my light box, I noticed that first, the headache had disappeared, then the tight achy feeling in my sinus area had lessened, and finally, the neck is slowly loosening up again. The LIGHT did that? Wow! I can only assume it has to be the dose of light, nothing else had changed. I'm amazed, let me tell you!

I'm still not 100% back to being pain and tightness free, but I'm pretty close. I can only feel it at the point where my head attaches to my spine now, and only when I move my head from side to side - and it's bearable. Let this continue to dissolve away, please! I really don't want any more reasons why I can't make that 75 mile drive to see mom, which I'm hoping to do next week.

Okay, I've rambled for far too long as usual, and only have about an hour left to crochet now before it's time to hit the road to Phil's (5 minutes away, not counting stop for plum tomatoes). I think I will see if I can start making some significant progress with my Cosetta sweater, will also be taking that along for my movie project. In case I find it too hard to work on it for that, though, I'll also bring Iris for back-up. I'd like to speed the process up on that shawl a bit, I still have a way to go to finish the second hank on this project. I'm still contemplating gifting it to mom for her birthday, so I will probably only use part of a third hank on it and fringe with some of the rest of that hank. Maybe I'll make myself a light lacy scarf out of whatever's left of the third and the remaining hank of this colorway.

Oh yeah, before I forget - thanks to those who have left comments these last few days. I really love it when you folks leave comments, makes me feel good. And thanks for the well wishes! I really am feeling better. Hopefully, that will soon be translated into displays of more finished objects here!

Okay, okay! Shutting up and posting now!


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