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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Nifty new tool

Day before yesterday, I received in the mail an item I ordered after reading about it on Crochetville, and after a very enjoyable evening spent working my project without straining my eyes, I am happy to say that it was money well spent! It is a headlamp, a contraption that is strapped to the head and has a small, very bright light beam that shines on your work, illuminating it. I've been massively frustrated by the lack of good lighting in this house, no matter how many lamps I have lit. And, to be honest, my eyes aren't up to par lately, either - they need all the help they can get! It's so much easier to work my stitches now that I can actually SEE what I'm doing, yay!

This little headlamp was a much better investment than any full-sized lamp I could have come up with. Along with size, proper placement is a primary concern, as it won't matter how bright the lamp is if the light it casts doesn't correctly illuminate the work between my hands, and that was a problem I kept running into, repeatedly. No matter where I placed my light source, I couldn't get the full illumination needed, and it was usually my own hands that would block that light because I had no good place to set up a lamp that could shine from behind and above me! Even had I been successful with the light placement, I would have run into the other obstacle: I would have been locked into that location, or would have been forced to schlep a full-size lamp from one favorite crocheting spot to another. Either that, or I would have had to invest in additional lamps.

All of these problems have gone bye-bye, thanks to this little high-tech solution! Moving to another work area is now merely a matter of grabbing my stuff and going, no more elaborate setting up routines! And that's even if the next work area happens to be in the car, or the dentist's office, or at Phil's watching a movie in a darkened room, his preferred ambiance. Have light, will travel. True, I look mighty geeky with this thing strapped to my forehead, lol, but I don't care! The only issue I've had with it so far is that it is not padded enough for me, my forehead is feeling a tad bruised where it sits. But I'm working on a solution for that, in the meantime I swiped the cotton bedding out of one of my small jewelry boxes to stand duty, and that's working quite well! I anticipate getting a very great many hours of use out of this thing. Many thanks to whoever it was that shared that link!


  • At 9:01 AM, Anonymous Joe said…

    Does it generate heat? Might work for me but if the light generates warmth as I'm leaning over my work, it could cause problems with wax adherence on my eggs.

  • At 10:34 AM, Blogger goldi said…

    Hi Joe - good news is, NO heat! It is an LED light, and if it generates any heat at all, it is virtually undetectable. I think it would work great for you too!


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