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Sunday, January 22, 2006

No title comes to mind

One of these days I'll manage to get this multitasking thing down right. In the meantime, I continue to muddle along focusing on one thing or another to the neglect of all the rest, until their time for my undivided attention rolls around. There hasn't been all that much along the way of exciting stuff to report, and so I have bypassed making a post to my blog - beyond last night's oh-so-exciting pictures of Midwestern snow - for a few days in the hopes that I could talk about something a little less ho-hum than the usual "I'm not making any visible progress on much of anything" posts.

I will say that I actually am making some progress on my doily project, finally! I am now over halfway done with round 16 (of a total of 20), still struggling with loose and loopy loops, as well as dropping my loops off my hook while in the midst of executing my stitches, or (worse yet!) not catching the full thread when I'm pulling it through. All of these problems often force me to pull out just completed stitches and redo them, in order to correct for my sloppy errors. If I could count all those re-executed stitches as part of my project, I'd have been done with it by now, and be well into a third of the way through a second doily! But it is really beginning to take shape and is looking nice! Dare I hope that I might be able to finish it before this weekend is over? I sure hope so! I won't allow myself to get upset if I don't though, that just ends up adding to my excess stitch count!

Beyond my doily, though, the only major accomplishment I seem to be able to point to for today is the snow shoveling I had to do. I don't know what the official total accumulation was, but from my decidedly UNscientific viewpoint, there was at least 10 inches on the ground, quite possibly even more since the snow was trying hard to melt away as the forecasts had suggested it would so it was compacting itself. But that only made cleaning it up more of a challenge. Wet snow is very heavy snow! It clogged up my snow blower repeatedly, and there were some areas where I had no choice but to wield the shovel to finish the job. On average, if I don't stop for a rest, it takes me about an hour to clear all walkways, stairs and the driveway. Today, it was about a two hour job, and the worst was trying to clear the end of my driveway, where the plows had piled up large heavy hard chunks of ice and slushed-up snow from the street. My back is a bit iffy but okay so far (knock wood), but I'm worried about my right arm. It is hurting something fierce, even though I did my best to not stress it too much.

I feel fairly certain that what I am suffering with in this arm is what is commonly known as "tennis elbow". I determined this after spending some time browsing through the sport bandages and wraps at my Walgreens, looking for something to wrap mine up with. I had settled on an elbow wrap, which straps around the bicep just above the elbow and again at the top of the forearm just below it. The wrap did help reduce the pain but it was otherwise uncomfortable to wear, too tight around the upper arm and it made me sweat like crazy under it. So tomorrow I am taking it back and will check out the other, lighter contraption I had considered and passed up. Until then, I will just have to take it easy. Now that's not going to be too hard to do - I can't even keep my eyes open as I type this! I think it will be a very early one tonight. I have pics to share, but again they will have to wait. I'll try to get them up tomorrow, unless I catch a second wind. But don't hold your breath on that!


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