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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Shruggin' struggle

Seems like the past few days have zoomed off on me! As much as I'd like to say otherwise, it pains me to say I haven't much to show for my time either. On the positive side, I've stayed busy with various and sundry things. On the negative side, I look around me and wonder what they were.

Same goes for my crocheting. I had decided that I would put my full focus on the Cosetta shrug for awhile, since it wasn't making any progress for such a long time. I am having to battle the urge to drop it again and move on to other more pressing projects waiting to be begun. But I've forged ahead - only to have to return to "square one" far too many times due to one stupid error or another. I suppose I should forget about trying to work on this project while watching movies. Granted, my crocheting picks up speed and I get farther along than I've managed in the recent past - but what good does that do when you have to undo every advance you make?

The other night I got several rounds done on the shrug while watching a really good movie, Gattaca. Yesterday afternoon, when I picked it up to start up again, I spent about a half hour fruitlessly hunting for the starting point of my rounds - this, despite the fact that I had a stitch marker placed at the join spot from several rounds down (when I'd last moved it). I finally had to accept the truth that I couldn't find that stupid join spot because it wasn't there - I had (almost immediately after marking the spot, apparently) switched off to working in spirals! I thought about just trying to continue with the spiral but scrapped that idea after realizing I'd have too difficult of a time melding my pattern stitch for the edges into it and no easy way to transition from the spiral to a joined round. So I went to town frogging - about 10+ rounds of work, including going past the addition of a new ball of yarn. When I was done, I had a HUGE pile of yarn on the couch next to me - two, actually, thanks to the second ball involved.

I did manage to work my way back to the point where I'd been when I had to start frogging, the piles of yarn are now back into the project - and I was careful to mark that join spot - and perform the join! - all the way forward, and just a little bit beyond where I had started out before this frogging session. But I'm still feeling a bit discouraged over this pattern, I feel like I've been working on it forever, and I still have a long way to go. Curse this mental challenge I seem to be dealing with lately! If I don't stay focused and concentrate on what I'm doing, I screw up - and sometimes even that doesn't work! The worse thing is that I've also been having so much trouble staying focused and concentrating! Having a movie on was supposed to help in that department, and to some extent it has, but not enough, because it's now a distraction in itself. Can't win!

I've got numerous other projects clamoring for my attention in the meantime, but I am resisting the lure of their call until I get this done. The only other project I will allow myself to work on is Iris, my Seraphina - because I don't seem to be having a problem staying with the pattern and I don't have to think very hard while I'm working on it. It has finally developed it's own rhythm - albeit a slow one - and I am able to maintain it with much more ease. Which is a good thing, since I have plans for making more of these.

Still, I need to get this Cosetta project done. I have at least 3 gifts I need to be working on NOW (all three birthdays fall between the 25th and the 19th of Feb), as well as several other gifts I want to get to, things I had been hoping to do for Christmas but couldn't move fast enough to accomplish. And. I have the materials to make several afghan projects I've been dying to get to, doilies I want to make, etc etc yada yada. So much yarn, so little time (or brain)! But I don't want to set Cosetta aside. I worry that if I were to put it away for awhile and come back to it later, I might discover that I don't have enough to finish the project, and there would be no more available in the stores. That's probably more my obsessive-compulsiveness thinking (I feel pretty certain I actually have more than enough, actually - due to the same syndrome), but there you have it, my main motivation for not abandoning this project now. Besides, I'd like to wear the darn thing before next winter!

This can be a problem - this worrying about having enough yarn - when working on a "patternless" pattern. I'm following the shrug schematics provided by "Mrs Who" (married to the good doctor, I presume? That was always one of my favorite shows, especially the Tom Baker series) at Crochetville, but it's difficult to estimate the amount of yarn that might be needed. Knowing my penchant for going overboard, I probably have enough to make TWO shrugs out of the supply I put up of this yarn, lol! Yet still, I worry about not having enough... Sigh.

After I had ripped out all that work, I decided to take a (short) break from Cosetta, and picked up another one of my WIPs - the Tweed Tote that has been languishing since spring. Only to discover that I had screwed that one up, too - and will probably have to start all over again from scratch because of it. All in all, a very demoralizing day with the hooks.

But! The good news is - my Swift is coming! Today, I received the highly-coveted email for 50% off one item online, which I promptly applied to my swift order, then applied the gift card I got for Christmas from my sweet daughter. Thanks to that coupon, the gift card covered the entire purchase! So now my swift has been ordered and will be winging it's way to me. I can hardly wait to get it! I have LOTS of winding of laceweight hanks to do, so it will get an immediate workout. Gotta do the happy dance...

Image hosted by

(My thanks to Micky for having this cute little gif in a blog post - I just HAD to save it to use for moments like these!)

Because I've been trying (albeit dismally) to start catching up on other things, I have stayed offline at Crochetville periodically. I lose SO much time whenever I log in there that I have been limiting myself with that forum. But I'm dying to know what's been up with everybody lately, so I will probably log in tonight and check it out. Hopefully I'll still be able to get some crocheting done too. With all the projects I want (and need) to be working on, I don't want to not crochet at least a little bit every day, and I find it impossible to crochet at all when I'm on the computer.

But for now, I must get cleaned up and dressed, and get out the door shortly. I have a dentist appointment in a couple of hours, and it's almost an hour and a half's drive to my dentist. When I worked, it was only about a half hour from there, but I'm not there anymore so...

Hoping I'll have another completed project or two to show off soon. Many thanks for those comments folks, I really love them. And for those who are contemplating making Etaria's hat - go for it! While working the post stitches can be a bit tricky and tedious, the results are so spectacular as to be worth every minute of it! I would love to get the other hat patterns she's designed, as well as the matching scarves, as these would make perfect gifts - and I am considering using these to make some sets for donating. These are some seriously warm items and would be perfect for that role, as well as handsome.

Okay, off and running. Hope everyone's having a great day!


  • At 1:03 PM, Blogger ladylinoleum said…

    Hey woman, I like Gattaca too. Oh, I will be writing up the Jellyfish pattern (starting on it this weekend). Stay tuned.


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