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Friday, January 06, 2006


Well, right after I made the last post, my missing mail carrier finally surfaced - YAY! But, the hoped-for check was not there - waaah!!!

I had known it would be a long shot that the check would show up today, seeing as how Monday was a holiday, but I'd been hoping against hope anyway. Now, my main worry is whether it will show up tomorrow or not. And it won't be early enough, most likely, for me to be able to get it in the bank while it's open, which means NO money for me until Monday. Even worse - I MUST make a past due phone/internet acct payment by Monday, in order to avoid having my service shut off! I had missed last month's payment (it was a choice of that, or paying the full rent - and that was a week late to begin with), with the hope of paying it up out of this check, which is fine except that the phone company isn't cutting me any slack here (so what else is new? Only the ones who don't need it get the breaks.). That 401k check can't get here soon enough, to nip this mess in the bud. But in the meantime, a few more days of severely lean times.

Drowning my sorrows in a bowl of piping hot Wheatena, yummy! Then it's time to lose myself in learning to reverse sc...


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