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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Winter wonderland...

As always seems to be the case, I had a dentist appointment this afternoon, scheduled right around the start of a well-aimed snowstorm through which I had to struggle homeward once I got away from the drill. Good news is that I made it home in one piece, though it took me nearly twice as long to make the return journey as it took me to getting there. Oh, and I did do a bit of shopping while I was in the neighborhood, more on that later! And that "one piece" bit almost didn't happen either, due to stupid drivers. But I'd rather forget about that, especially since I DID make it home intact!

I'm not sure when the snow started falling here, though from the accumulation thus far when I got home, it couldn't have been coming down too long - there was only about an inch or so. This was around 7 pm. Since temps were hovering around the freezing mark, the snow was a rather wet affair, with big fat fluffy flakes fluttering down (try saying that five times, lol!). By 10 pm, our accumulations had developed to this:

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I snapped this shot from my back stoop, where my rolling trash can resides in the winter time. This was three hours' worth of accumulation, and it was still coming down heavy! I got these two shots of my backyard, again from the stoop. The snow transformed my bare yard into a winter wonderland! If you click on the thumbnails here, you will go to a desktop-sized version. What blew me away was the clear image of some of the snowflakes that were falling at the time I took this pic! In the first one, that is one very large snowflake! The flakes in the second pic were falling directly in front of the camera, so of course they looked big. I loved the way my fence got transformed, and you can see the tracks of some critter, most likely a cat, that went running through my yard earlier.

(Hey - anybody know how I can get the thumbnails to display side by side?)

By the time I snapped this last shot from my kitchen window, the snow had slowed down to a light sprinkling, and I suspect that the melting had already begun. As you can see, the pile on top of my trash can didn't grow all that much more in the approximately 2 hours that passed since I'd taken the first shot.

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Meeps was too funny - she wanted so badly to go out that she wouldn't leave me alone, leading me first to the back door and then the front (hoping for a magical change in conditions). Each time, she crouched on the doorjamb, contemplating her options and finally resigning herself (for at least five minutes) to the fact that there would be no chasing of mice tonight, or whatever it is she occupies her nights with! The third time around, she got so desperate that she actually hopped out there, and then tried to sneak around to the front by hugging the house, where the snow wasn't quite as deep. I gave her about 5 minutes and then went back to the door to check - barely got it open before she came streaking back in, lol! That last one convinced her!

Okay, it's late late late, and I've had no opportunity to work on my doily today, at ALL! I'm having severe withdrawals! I have several other things to share, but they will have to wait until tomorrow so I can go take care of these withdrawals. I'm up to Round 15 of this 20 round doily, hoping I can speed it up as I approach the finish line. It has taken some getting used to working with a size 7 steel hook, but I'm getting there. Hopefully as I become more comfortable with these tiny hooks, my speed will improve. A doily like this one should only take me an evening, not a full WEEK to get it done! I'm also anxious to finish it because I feel like I can't start any more new projects until I do, and I have several I really want to sink my hooks into, including a few gifts that will most likely miss their target dates no matter what I do.

More tomorrow (actually, later today - shhhh!).


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