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Friday, January 06, 2006

WIPs are driving me batty

I thought maybe if I list them out, they'll stop the siren songs playing in a cacaphony in my head! Besides, I need a distraction from my constant pacing to and from the front door, checking to see if I can spot my uber-late postal person, who normally delivers by no later than 1:30. It figures that on the day I am expecting a desperately-needed check (I have $2.57 in the bank and 31 cents in my pocket, yikes!), they don't show up on time. Sure wish I could get unemployment checks direct deposited, this sucks!

Anyhow, here's my list, in no particular order of importance (just what hollers the loudest in my head):

  • Hat for Phil - all that remains is one round of reverse sc and weaving of ends. I'm waiting for a) my fingers to defrost (finally couldn't take it anymore and turned up the heat) and b) the postal-critter to arrive, so I can stop thinking about that.
  • Iris Seraphina - about 50% done
  • Cosetta shrug ala "Mrs Who" - ready to start rounds. Maybe today...
  • Modifications for hand warmers - frosted fingers are still my most pressing problem, don't know why I keep procrastinating on this one!
  • More hand warmers - okay, this is technically not a WIP, haven't actually started them yet. But importance is high enough to rate them a slot on this list!
  • Tweed Tote from Crochet! magazine (I think it's in the September 2004 issue) - about 50% done
  • Girl's Winter Set, from another Crochet! issue (January 2005?) - mittens 90% done, have yet to start on hat and scarf. Except that I may have to scrap the mittens (all 3 of them!) because the child this set was meant for has probably outgrown them by now. Besides, there are no two the same size, sigh. Whadya want - they were my first mittens ever! So I may just do the hat and scarf, in which case we're back to square one with this project.
  • Aurora/Glitzy Girl scarf - two actually, one full size and one skinny scarf. All's I need to do is fringe the dang things and I'll be done with both. Skinny one is for me, not sure who will get the full size one, so I haven't been in a mad rush to finish these. They aren't winter-type scarves anyway, so what's the rush?

It's possible I have more wips I'm forgetting about here, but they've been silent so we will let sleeping wips lay! Even longer is my WIM list, but I'm not going to attempt to even TRY to list these out! These are the "ready to go" items, materials are in hand and I can start 'em any time I choose. If only the WIPs would shut up!

Okay, hopefully I will get that hat finished in a little bit (soon as I get some fuel - er, food - into me. Wheatena cookin' in the micro as I type, tummy growling), and then I'll do a little photo shoot, download, upload etc. Then I can show it off, along with the Dot Light and Lacy Stole I finished earlier in the week. I'll post more info on these with the pics.

Man, WHERE is that mailman??? Sigh...


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