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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Crochet Olympics

I've got several other things I've been meaning to blog about, will get to those as time permits. But I wanted to put up my notice of participation in the Crochet Olympics now preparing for official start of ceremonies this coming Friday the 10th! I have signed on with my challenging project: the Quilted Trellis afghan from the book Mosaic Magic by Lily Chin. Materials are gathered, hook is handy and I've even worked up a gauge swatch - good thing, too, because this pattern is a tad more complex than I'd expected! Fortunately, I found when I measured the piece that I'm on target - which is good because I don't have extra yarn to spare, and one of the called-for yarns wasn't easy to come by! I'd hate to have to be scrambling to get more as we approach the end of this ordeal - er, event! If I succeed - no, make that WHEN I succeed! - I'm going to have one beautiful blankie on my hands! Just the swatch looked pretty spectacular!

Here's a pic of my materials, standing by and ready to go go go!
Image hosting by Photobucket

And here's a (crappy) shot of what my ghan should look like when I'm done:
Image hosting by Photobucket

I have several other projects to concentrate on in the meantime, can't be wasting any time since I will have to set them all aside come Friday. I will try to get the buttons up on my sidebar by the end of the day, and maybe another post or two written - been bursting at the seams over some of it! We'll see if this old flake can get it together...


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