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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Day 4 - slowly picking up speed

As far as I'm concerned, this day isn't over yet - I'm still in a five row deficit, hope to shrink that to zero, but I'm about to sign into Crochetville once I get this posted. Huge chunks of time seem to magically disappear whenever I get on that board! But staying away for long periods of time only makes it worse because then there's that much more to try to get caught up with. Ya just can't win!

Part of the problem there is my stupid "resolving host" situation. I probably spend a good 20 to 25% of my time waiting for pages to be served up, it can be anywhere from every 5th link I click degenerating all the way down to every stinkin' one. You just don't get much done when you're waiting for up to 3 minutes between page views, ya know? Tonight, though, I have a plan: I will just stitch away on my afghan while waiting for that host to resolve.

But anyway, enough about that, on to my main obsession of the moment - my progress on my Olympic afghan. Recall that I went to bed last night with 25 rows completed, but with the prospect of frogging one and a third rows to fix a blatant error being the first order of today. I wasted little time in getting right to it this morning. I got the frogging done (rippit-rippit!) and redid my work, correctly this time, and then kept on going. I had to run out for a few hours around noonish, returning around 3, and once I'd unpacked the groceries I picked up while out and had a bite to eat, I jumped right back at it. Or rather, tried to. Just as I got my hook positioned for the first stitch, the phone rang. It was my daughter.

Today was her birthday (Happy Birthday Isis!), and she had some stuff she needed to discuss with me. Unfortunately for me, I haven't got a single phone in this house that I can use hands-free, so the project had to wait until the call was over. I managed to start back up around 5 pm, or somewhere thereabout (I wasn't paying all that much attention to the time). I worked steadily, with short ten minute breaks every few rows to ease up the tension buildup in my arms and neck, until I stopped around 10:30 in order to take another update photo session, have another bite to eat and now, write this blog report. I am about to begin row 36.

For some reason, the Regency Homespun, which is a gray-blue-green blend, keeps insisting on looking like it also has browns and yellows in it, which I know it doesn't - at least in natural daylight it doesn't!

Okay, I just fiddled around a bit with the images, turned down the red value a good chunk and now the color looks a bit closer to what it should look like. I am a bit more pleased with the appearance of these update shots than I was of last night's pics, though granted I was a tad too tired to even notice that the colors were off until I looked at it again this morning.
I'm not real wild with the striping effect this is adding to the overall pattern, but maybe it will look better once the piece is larger, who knows? At any rate, here's a shot of the piece, folded over so you can see the patterns of both front and back...
Image hosting by Photobucket
(large size version of this shot can be viewed here)

And here's a close-up shot so you can see the stitch detail...
Image hosting by Photobucket
(large size version of this shot can be viewed here)

It's amazing to me how much more easily small errors seem to pop out at me from these pics, errors that I don't notice when looking directly at the piece! Although I've improved the placement of my long double crochets (in the Homespun, which is creating the rather uneven looking grid pattern on the back), I see I still have to take more care with those. Some are a bit cockeyed, but should be able to be straighted out with a bit of hand blocking, but a few others I obviously managed to hit the wrong stitch three rows down. I'm pretty sure I've managed to solve that - I've been much more aware of their placement since I noted the unevenness last night - but it's distressing to see the errors nontheless, since I can't frog the whole thing and start over, not if I hope to finish this thing by the 26th. I had actually entertained the idea this morning, briefly, but changed my mind after studying it for a bit. It really doesn't look as bad as it does in the pics. I also realized that no matter how much care I take, I'm not likely to achieve the same level of perfection that the pattern picture shows (and who knows what errors are hidden there? Maybe that's why the picture was so dark you couldn't tell the diamond patterns were in a teal blue?). But anyway...

I've had one small thing plaguing me and slowing me down this evening with my stitching - the old dry skin problem. I've got a calloused area on my right thumb that decided to flake out on me tonight, of course snagging my yarn left and right. I've been loading on the lotion like crazy, even have a tin of Burt's Bees cuticle creme which I've also been applying liberally, all of which has been getting quickly absorbed and in next to no time (or so it seems), I'm back to snagging my yarn! Well, guess this Olympic event is going to insist on being filled with challenges!

I also discovered that I'm a nitwit today (hush now - I heard that!). I think I'd mentioned (maybe not here, probably on CVille I suspect) that I started to worry that I'd run short on my yarn supply. My biggest worry at the time was the Jiffy (the teal colored yarn), which I had only managed to find at JoAnns online, but I figured it was plausible that I could possibly run out of the Regency Homespun too, though that was usually easier to acquire locally. Since I had a fistful of 40% off coupons at Hobby Lobby last week, I thought I'd pick up the Homespun there, having ordered a few more balls of the Jiffy from my sole source (it arrived today, btw). No go. In fact, BOTH of the Hobby Lobbys I visited had mostly bare shelves where yarn should normally be - except maybe for their Yarn Bee yarn, which was still well-stocked. I did note several large crates stacked up along the back wall behind the yarn area and peeked into a few of them, noting that they were filled with various Lion Brand and Red Heart yarns. But they hadn't been priced and prepared to be shelved yet, and I wasn't up to shuffling numerous large crates in order to find my needed yarn. I figured, oh well, I'll just wait till next week - maybe it'll be on sale then (it's not). What I hadn't discovered - until today, as a matter of fact - is that I really DID need that Homespun. BADLY!

My pattern calls for 36 ounces of the Homespun. It comes in 6 ounce skeins. 36 divided by 6 equals...

4? FOUR???

Well, that's apparently the answer I came up with when I shopped for my materials! I only have FOUR skeins of Regency Homespun. I need SIX!

I will never cease to be amazed at the occasionally broken way my brain works lately.

Fortunately, my local JoAnns does have this yarn on hand - and better still, I happen to have two 40% off coupons I can use for it there - I have this "rule" that I will not purchase yarn in these stores unless it's on sale (at more than 10% off) or I have a coupon for it. This is how I've amassed my humongous stash on a shoestring budget! Fortunately, I won't have to break my own rule in order to get the needed yarn.

Okay, this has taken me longer to write up than I'd intended (but then again, it always does), and the clock has manged to slip well past the midnight hour. I still have to log into CVille and find out what's been hopping there in my absence, and I still have to cram five more rows into this night before the head meets the pillow. I have more running around to do tomorrow, though I plan on taking the project with me since a few of my stops may have some waiting time involved. I just wish I could crochet while driving! I've actually tried, sneaking a few stitches in here and there at stop lights, but I quickly discovered that those lengthy lights suddenly seemed to change much faster than they used to as soon as I picked up that yarn and hook. Even sitting at a train crossing waiting for a freight train to go by went much faster than usual. It's like the whole world speeded up to thwart my attempts at getting a bit of extra crocheting done, go figure!


  • At 9:28 PM, Anonymous Joe said…

    I can't see the errors in your pattern, but I betcha you can't the errors in mine, either. So we're even!

  • At 10:01 AM, Blogger Pandora said…

    The afghan is beautiful, and *I* can't see any mistakes, so they can't be *that* bad! :D By the way, I meant to stop by on Day 3, but my computer started slooooowing down *really* badly, so I couldn't get over to your blog.

    I can't tell you how many times I've wished for a headset for my cell phone so that I could talk to people and work yarn at the same time!

    Good job in the determination department--you can do it!



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