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Saturday, February 25, 2006

It's FILLER time

I'd be in bed right now, if it weren't for Meeps... Silly me for letting her out for a "quick" jaunt about the neighborhood when I knew I was going to want to hit the sack soon. Since I don't sleep well when she's out all night, I will just write up this little update while I wait for her to get bored with the non-action and want to come home where it's (somewhat) warm.

Rows are finished, hallelujah! After reading carefully through the instructions for the rounds, I realized that it would be necessary for me to count my stitches for this part. I started in on it, and got a little past 70 when I hit a snag. Well, actually, it was a knot. Just one of several that have plagued me with this (same dyelot) Jiffy yarn Oh yay, so I get to cut the yarn and begin again from where I left off'. I will definitely be contacting Lion about this - 8 balls of Jiffy, all from the same dye-lot. 9 knots!

Hopin' I'll be having pics of finished ghan to post sometime tomorrow!

I'm far too pooped to write right now, more tomorrow... Hope Meeps is at that back door!


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